Your first car was a ____________ olive green 1965 1275 Cooper S similar to this one, except it was not anywhere near the pristine appearance of this car. Fitted a Shadbolt cam (bad idea), and LCB exhaust, ported and polished the head. Remember replacing the CV joints wasn't a lot of fun and the clutch seemed to forever need adjusting. Bought it in 72 and totaled it in 74 in a road accident..which I was lucky to survive.


Not mine, but mine looked just like...until I painted the bumpers black. Bought it from my mom, the original owner. 1976 VW Rabbit. I didn't have it more than a week before the water pump went out. Of course I'd spent evey dime I had buying the car (I was 15 or 16), so it sat until I scraped enough dough to buy a new pump. Having to pay someone else to do the work would mean waiting even longer, so I bought a Haynes Manual and did it using my stepfather's tools. Thus began my descent into automotive insanity. Over time, having a car meant access to more jobs, so I was able to invest a little into my new toy. First was a new digital radio and speakers, followed by a carpet set I found at a local pick and pull. My car came with rubber mats, and the carpet made it much quieter on the inside. Of course, there was no AC, and the heater was marginal at best. Fortunately, we lived in the SF Bay area at the time, so it rarely got too hot or too cold. When I was even younger, my mom drove that car all over the west...we hit every national park in the Western US and Canada. Fond memories of snowy (cold) mountain drives, and hot hot hot traverses across the desert west. Good memories. Boy my kids are soft. I soldit to one of my sister's friends when I went off to collage. Little did I know, she didn't know how to drive a stick (I learned on it). My sister later told me that her friend only parked it where she could pull forward because she didn't know where reverse was. She eventually destroyed the tranny. I'm surprised at how few of them are still around. Was pretty bullet proof when I had it...drove it hard. Had always wantend a GTi with a Kamie body kit. My next car was a Porsche 912...saw me through college,med school, and residency. Still have it.
Believe it or not, my first car was a 1972 De Tomaso Pantera, #3960, that I still own today. I worked for years while putting myself through college to save up enough money to buy a very tired, beat-up example, which I bought in October 1989. At the time, I didn’t have a driver’s license and didn’t even know how to drive a car!

Here is a pic my father took in front of our house in San Francisco on the day I brought it home....


A faded red Volvo 440 brick. Never ran properly.. but you'll never forget your first car! Wrecked it understeering out of a corner, bust a wheel and suspension :-D

Glenn M

mini sprint.jpg

In those days I used to work after school and at weekends in a local Mini garage run by a couple of young lads. So needless to say, my first car was a Mini. Paid for by Mum, I neglected to tell her the plans I, with the help of the two guys, had for it as I thought that might prevent the funds being given.

First weekend we wheeled it in and set about it with a hacksaw. I still remember that beginning of journey feeling as we lifted the roof off and set it down on the floor beside the car…….. Which, of course, was the exact moment that Mum decided to appear to see the car she had bought me!
Ooops! Still, it turned out alright in the end!