Zf for sale

Tired of looking at your car and not driving it? Im selling my ZF-2. It has been rebuilt with all the good stuff. It is ready to install with no waiting from crapp RBT. I was going to install it in my Lola but located a Hewland. I also have another ZF but still needs to be rebuilt. Accepting good offers not insults. Pm me with the offer.


No! Plus if you read the listing closly,you would have seen that that trany was sitting for 20 years. Mine is ready to go. I also know that trany did not sell with a high bid of $6,500.00. That seller wants alot considering it did not have the upgraded flanges and pinoion safty wired. After rebuild cost, your would be in deeper than what I want for mine.
John Bobowski is that you? It has been a while since the forum has been graced with your presence. How's the forty treating you?
H i ! andy!!!


Ron was kind to let me on with stern warnings to be a good boy. Actually i was allowed for some time now but just ejoyed lurking. My Gt40 is the BEST. Best car I owned so far and so glad I had the custom zf put into the Rf. My Shelby did not see much action last year because I'm totally addicted to the 40. I still cant wait till summer. I really enjoy the attention on the street. When I had my 911 turbo did not even get as much attention and admiration from the public. Now I'm building a Lola replica and should be getting it this month. This is a track car only. I read alot of folks are upset with there purchase of the SPF after they get it and drive it for a while. This car is not a toy...It is a race car! PERIOD!! This is car that to me is cofortable. It take time to understand, drive and appreciate the car for what it is. And after you get used to it. it is a orgasm ever time. Anyway andy go to see you are still around. I will still be colorfull in my post from time to time. But surly have changed my attitude about alot of things. So the old oliver is gone on vacation for a long time. I have much respect for this forum an the folks that are here.
I look forward to contribute or help folks in the Chicago area if thinking about buying a 40. My spelling and grammer have not changed becasue i'm lazy.... So please folks reframe from the joke. I hope everybody had a great holiday and look forward to chating from time to time.

Best regards
John, i've sent you 2 PMs about your trans but you've not replied to either. Do you have a ZF for sale ?

Ron Earp

Hi John,

This is not a place for tirades about other cars or subtle digs. Advertise the transaxle and put an asking price up.

I did think what I stated was out of line compared to how Kennedy and Rbt was already beatdown like a dead horse. I did mean any harm!
Anyway no-problem Ron

Transaxle is Sold

Thanks everybody