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    Need an accomplice in the UK

    What are you looking for exactly?
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    Source for locking pin for pin drive adaptor

    These guys in the UK will make you what you want to order. Very resonable prices too! D Faulkner Springs
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    Audi A8 2.5 TDI 5HP-19 (FNL)

    The lambo gearbox is AWD
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    nose lift systems? anyone have experience?

    John try these guys in the UK: DFaulkner Suspension Springs
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    High quality switches

    These look like the Spyker ones: Car Builder Solutions | Electrical - Switches - Chrome Toggle Switches
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    WTB" Audi 016 5N Transmission or R&P

    I can get these transaxles over here, but shipping will be a factor. Contact me via mail if interested. Bram
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    M 8´s ?

    Hi Tom, TW mouldings in the UK has McLaren body's. Including M8 C,E and F and M12. Even M8 windscreens. Welcome to TWM Cheers, Bram
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    Hi Arnie, No unfortunately it's not my P4. A local club member saw it when he was there with...

    Hi Arnie, No unfortunately it's not my P4. A local club member saw it when he was there with his Devil single seater. It was at the RDW, what you call VOSA I think. Cheers, Bram
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    Kiwi scratchbuilt

    Ok, just a little warning because people tent to forget that. What filterhousing is that? I'm looking for one with a bypass in it, but there aren't many around.
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    Kiwi scratchbuilt

    Russ, you mention high oil pressure at start up. Do you have a bypass fitted AFTER the oil filter in the pressure line? A lot of people lose an engine because they have not fitted a valve.
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    WTB AUDI 5000 Transmission

    I have a 85 AAX that you can take over. AAX has the same ratio's as the AAZ IIRC. Bram
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    Spa 6 hours 25,26-27 september

    Is this going on? I've just read on (dutch news website) that Spa-Francorchamps lost it's licence and no races will be held due to noise complaints from surrounding houses. Vergunning circuit Spa-Francorchamps geschorst | | Het laatste nieuws het eerst op Bram
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    Transaxles made for Kit Cars

    Wanni offers one of the best in the market, but to expense for the avarage kit builder. He has sent me a pdf on the Cima T906 transaxle, it's availiable in H-pattern, sequential and semi automatic paddle shifted. The last option is the one Lexus proboarly wants(like tiptronic). The h-pattern...
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    other SLC bits

    PM handbrake calipers Bram
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    Shipping Engine CA to Netherlands

    I want to buy an engine+trans in Sonora, California (SF Bay Area). The seller says a shipping port is to far away for him to get to, because he doesn't have the time due to work. Collected by a shipper is ok by him. Now I've made some inquiries at shipping company's, but they want $400 just...