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    Beware Darren Georges - GT Forte

    Hi Carlos etc, Are you serious? Are you really doing exactly what you said you wouldn't do under any circumstances. Are you honestly going to post this and not present the facts in at least some resemblance of un-bias? Do you want me to cut and paste all of the emails and the PayPal...
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    Hi Mark, If you can provide some basic measurements from the car then i can work something out for you. D.
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    JK's Track Tool

    The venturi effect and how wings work is mathematically the same. For a wing you apply Bernoulli to the top and bottom surface with the difference equating to the lift or downforce generated. For a diffuser then you are applying Bernoulli to the venturi and the pressure decrease applied to the...
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    Hi Mick, What you cooking yourself for dinner when she sees that comment? D.
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    Same old same old

    Thanks for all the support from the forum community but i would ask you all not to comment any further because to be fair to Andy and myself it's hard not to want to respond. The forum admin have asked us to keep it off the forum which i for one am trying to do, but, like i said when mud is...
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    brake balance bar set-up

    Professional Motorsport Parts, Spares & Rally Equipment from Rally Design
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    Tornado / GTS Posts

    Re: GT-Forte GTs40 build The chassis as pointed out to you previously is not a copy, no two dimensions are the same, the physical appearance is different in most respects. Bloody difficult as i haven't written, published or sent out a build manual to anyone. But correct use of copyright for...
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    Chassis Drawings/Blueprints

    Intellectual Property Office - Do I need to register my design?
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    Tornado / GTS Posts

    Re: GT-Forte GTs40 build Andy (G), Be fair to Andy S his is considerably better than mine at the moment as mine doesn't quite exist yet.
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    Chassis Drawings/Blueprints

    Hi Andy, You were asked by forum moderators to keep your comments off the forum and to deal with me directly. Further to our telephone conversation, what happened to the list of 21 items that are supposedly identical? Still haven't received them. If your lawyer reckons you have a case...
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    Chassis Drawings/Blueprints

    From my point of view you kind of have to be careful what you wish for. In the GT40 market it's relatively easy to undercut everyone considerably as the current manufacturers charge pretty well for what they offer. It appears that this is bad for the consumer but actually experience in the '7'...
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    A Riviera scratchbuilt GT40

    W shaped anti roll bars i suspect are used for a dual purpose, because they seem to be shaped so that at some point the anti roll bar will hit part of the sub frame and i think OE designers use it as a kind of final bump stop device for extreme bump conditions. Twistable blade type anti roll...
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    Power steering electrically assited

    Andy Green has details and pictures of fitting a similar electric power steering column in his Tornado in his build log - Norfolk Tornado. D
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    Hi David, Andy Green has used a nice solution for the dash going around the front hoop problem. D.
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    London Riots

    If it was a joke i didn't write it, but, i do think it fits in that we have a set of communities who are not protesting but just plain stealing in an very organised method. Yet we have politicians, the media, celebrities and other loud voices telling us its all the governments fault. I was in...