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    "End Burnt Plug Boots Forever" ????

    ACCEL says that they have the cure for burnt spark plug wire boots with Extreme 9000 Ceramic Wire kits. The 8mm Ferro-Spiral core wire now has ceramic boots on the spark plug end of the wires that will withstand up to 2,000° F. The wires have an high temp, double silicone construction rated at...
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    Peanut-Containing Product Recall Widget

    <object id="fda_widget_salmonella09" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="254" height="425"> <img src="" width="252" height="425" alt="FDA Salmonella Typhimurium...
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    Obama Fights Lawsuit

    A Pennsylvania lawyer, Philip Berg, Esquire, has filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama and the DNC (Democratic National Committee), to force Obama to show proof of citizenship by producing a certified birth certificate. If Obama cannot provide documentation of U.S. citizenship by birth, he is not...
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    2 pack epoxy primer in a spray can!

    While I'll admit that I have led a somewhat sheltered life lately, I'd never seen this before. I have to believe that this stuff could come in mighty handy from time to time. Eastwood is selling a two part epoxy primer in a SPRAY CAN! From their website: "(The)...patented aerosol allows you...
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    Road Atlanta Petit Le Mans

    Bill, I'm going to start petitioning the comptroller here immediately to see if I can arrange this one! I'll let you know. Regards, Lynn
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    Accel has new 25ohm/ft race wires

    Accel has come out with new spark plug wires that combine good RFI suppression with very low resistance. A quick Google search found a comparison of racing wires at SRT and these Accel wires at 25 ohm/ft came in between the top two in this comparison: Granatelli wires, at an...
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    Prestolite Performance Summer Rebate Program NOW - August 31

    The Prestolite Performance SUPER SUMMER REBATE program is in effect NOW through August 31st, 2008. Rebates of up to $100.00 are available on a wide variety of ACCEL, Hays, Lakewood, Mallory and Mr. Gasket products. For example, purchase any complete Mallory ignition system (distributor...
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    Superformance Mk II sells for $80K at B-J West Palm

    This Superformance Mk II which is fully streetable with all required lights and safety features and with a Holman Moody built 302 engine and RBT transaxle (installed by Holman Automotive) and test miles only sold for a mere $80K at the Barrett-Jackson auction in West Palm Beach just moments ago...
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    Converting to E85 ethanol

    Jack, If you haven't double checked the fuel flow rates of your injectors, E85 will require ≈ 1.4 times the flow of gasoline, don't be surprised if you need to use larger injectors to keep the duty cycle (% of the time the injector is open) low enough. There is a pretty good forum...
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    Book Recommendation

    If anyone is (or knows someone else who is) dealing with depression, self-esteem issues, issues arising from being a perfectionist, workaholic or the like, I'd like to recommend a very good book: Feeling Good by David D. Burns, M.D. In addition, there are a number of great tools provided to...
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    Mallory's new E-Fire All-Electronic Advance Distributor For Ford

    Cleveland, Ohio (February 2008) Mallory Ignition announces the availability of the new all-electronic advance E-Fire Distributor for Ford Applications. Designed with a CNC-machined all billet housing, E-Fire Distributors offer all electronic RPM based and Vacuum based advance curves. Select...
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    GT40 Manufacturers

    Maily, It's not just you. My attempts to communicate with Mr. Ransom have been less than satisfying. I purchased parts from Denis as the business was changing hands with good results; however when I tried to purchase some additional items after the sale of the company was complete, I was...
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    Wheel Alignment

    Russell, Russ started this excellent thread which is a great read: What Causes Heavy Steering..... When you've finished with the thread, you'll have a good understanding of setting up your car. There are a number of really good threads in this section you should probably read. Another is...
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    SPEC Clutches Interest?

    Thank you, Russ. That's part of the reason for the recommendation to provide "an annular hydraulic release mechanism with all clutches." It is not difficult to design progressive engagement into a multidisc clutch as well. (I have worked on two stage, multidisc clutches where one plate...
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    SPEC Clutches Interest?

    If you really want to provide a useful clutch to the GT40 (and other midengine component cars) community that differentiates your company from all of the rest, then I would suggest the following: Provide a twin disk clutch that provides high (total) clamping forces with minimal release...