"End Burnt Plug Boots Forever" ????

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
ACCEL says that they have the cure for burnt spark plug wire boots with Extreme 9000 Ceramic Wire kits. The 8mm Ferro-Spiral core wire now has ceramic boots on the spark plug end of the wires that will withstand up to 2,000° F. The wires have an high temp, double silicone construction rated at 600° F. Rated at 500-ohms per foot of resistance, the Ferro-Spiral core also has RFI/EMI suppression. These universal kits are available with either Straight Boots, 90° Boots and 115° Ford style boots. The ceramic boots are factory pre-installed on the spark plug end.

Click here for more info and links to Accel

I hate to be this type of person, but this "announcement" by Accel is kind of funny. BMW has been using ceramic boots for decades, mainly because the plugs were a bit buried in the under side of a head on an inclined engine. They work reeeaaaalllly nice.

David Morton

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Thank you Lynn. John Woolf Racing and Real Steel are stocking them here in the UK.
Very Impressive. I don't think I can get a set for my 302 SBF from BMW !!