1. Z

    #1032 @ le mans

    Hi Vintage photos show #1032 copper/bronze having a silver upper band around the front and side glass. Was it simple a way to block the sun glare or more complicated? Thanks L Taylor
  2. J

    not sure of correct forum to ask

    in my previous post I asked about some XE small block parts. I am trying to help an estate ID and value some items. the next piece is not a gt-40 but it is a mid engine small block ford powered racecar. tube chasis, 4spd top loader trans axle fiberglass body labeled Sutter. right now i need some...
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    help ID and value on XE block and parts

    I'm brand new here but familiar with standard Ford performance parts but not familiar with Ford Race parts. But at least I know enough to know what I don't know. That's why I am here. I'm helping identify and value some vintage performance parts for an estate right now I've found a...
  4. S

    wiring question

    On the rear harness there is a brown wire with black stripe that is for engine temperature to run the fans (I have the wiring diagram from Blas, just not with me right now) is this sensing temperature from an engine block temp probe or a coolant temperature sensor located in the intake manifold...
  5. 7

    351 Windsor ID ??

    Hi, well I scooped up a 351 Windsor that happened to be right down the road. It's a 2-barrel intake engine. I don't have a car to put it in yet, but hey that's a minor detail :rolleyes:. Anyway, I got it home and managed to clean all the sludge off of the engine to get the block ID. The guy...
  6. N

    Ho 302 f1se

    I’m planning my build. I pick up my chassis in 2 weeks and I’m trying to get the basics in place. Very excited. The chassis is set up for a Coyote engine, but I’m still determining which engine to choose. My frame is set up for a Porsche 996/997 transmission so that’s decided. I...
  7. G


    Having a bit of a clear out. 1968, 302 block. Standard bores and deck heights. Acid dipped. Ready for rebuild. £500. Parts location NN14
  8. B

    so you think you are the fastest on the block !!!

    Please watch and hear the argument settled. This is freaking hilarious even if you... - James Cartwright
  9. M

    Block decode

    Ok one for the ford guys what is this ,
  10. C

    SBF Trick-flow twisted wedge rocker stud girdles and valve cover spacers

    Brand new unused Ford small block SBF 289 302 351 5.0 trick-flow twisted wedge cylinder head rocker girdle and fasteners. Purchased from Summit, but not used. Cost $190, asking $125. See link: Brand new unused Ford small block SBF 260 289 302...
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    London Tower Block Fire

    It's beginning to unravel. The outright corruption that caused these blocks to be clad in what is basically a system such as Cellotex with a flimsy metal cover is being uncovered. I find it really strange that this country can afford to build HS2 but leave so many people housed in rubbish...