help ID and value on XE block and parts

I'm brand new here but familiar with standard Ford performance parts but not familiar with Ford Race parts. But at least I know enough to know what I don't know. That's why I am here. I'm helping identify and value some vintage performance parts for an estate

right now I've found a XE-136505 block with main caps, a pair of C6FE-6090-A heads and a C6FE-6316-A Balancer. I will be looking for crank and rods as well. I am trying to get a value on them for the widow. Thanks, Joe

I have pictures but can't post them yet.
1966 TO 68 BLOCK

You have a set of heads originally intended for the FIA Cobras, GT40s, Daytona Coupes, etc. They are not assembly line heads. The third digit, "F", is the give away. The C7FE LeMans camshaft has the same third digit. The heads were listed in Ford literature as "289 HD". The 289 HiPo was listed as "289 Special". As you mention, the ports are larger, but the exhaust port is also located higher than assembly line heads.

You have an interesting bit of Ford history there.
There were even some XE blocks cast for this program.
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ok i did talk to Lee Holman at H&M and confirmed from the stampings on the block that it started life as one of their marine application motors in 72'

Charlie Farley


I may be able to help you. I have these parts.
If you would like to contact me through my website, then we can go from there.