1. manta22

    FS USA Lockheed CP2270 Calipers

    I have a pair of original Lockheed CP2270-2 calipers in what looks to be unused condition. One caliper has been very slightly machined for additional wheel clearance. These are not AP Racing aftermarket calipers- they are original and marked as "Lockheed", there are no "AP Racing" markings on...
  2. I

    What Year SS Calipers?

    In the process of breaking my calipers down to get some powdercoat. I saw this morning that some left the pistons, dust boots and seals installed, but other forums remove them. May have wasted my time, but it won't hurt at least. I need to get some rebuild kits, what year SS are our...
  3. C

    FS USA NOS Girling 16/4 Brake Calipers

    I have a pair of NOS Girling 16/4 brake calipers. Pretty much the standard of the late '60s/70s prototype world including GT40. They are the type with the bolts drilled (for weight) and come with a set of pads of unknown origin. Not new replicas. I will send pictures to anyone who emails me...
  4. Cobra

    Parking Brake Woes

    I began road testing my car several weeks back to initiate the sorting process and it was not a very good experience. I only drove it through my subdivision at very low speeds (1st and 2nd gear only) to check the basics. Felt like I was dragging a piano behind the car, heard a variety of...
  5. A

    Camaro SS Brembo Brake Package

    I have a full caliper and rotor set from a very low mileage 2010 Camaro SS. The car was converted to a race car from new so the rotors and calipers have around 250 mi. I added them to the inventory planning (potentially) an SLC project but it looks like that isn't going to happen after I...
  6. bill kearley


    What Willwood calipers are most commonly used on a CAV, I would like to know part # for 4 and 6 piston fronts and 6 piston rears with park break. Thanks
  7. A

    Brake conundrum

    Hi All, first time on forum so please forgive ignorance. I am preparing my's GTD40 for the road/track after being unused for 10 plus years. The car was built, mainly by me in 1992 so was kit prior to that. I am trying to identify the type of brakes used at the front. They are Girling, pad...