1. N

    Classic Le Mans 2018

    Few snaps for you Ian :) Videos 076 - YouTube 072 - YouTube 070 - YouTube
  2. F

    Silverstone Classic 2018

    HI All I been able to plan a trip to the UK to include attending the Silverstone Classic this year. Plan is do Practice day on Friday 20th July 20th (without wife), Race day Saturday 21st (with wife). Any tips that would enable us to make the most of our visit?. Cheers Fred W...
  3. J

    Spa Classic 18-20 may

    According to the entry list some GT40's on the starting grid. Peter Auto - Spa-Classic I will be there as a visitor leaving tomorrow to stay at Camping L'Eau Rouge for a few days. If you see this on the classic car park... its me ( V8 Roots Blown )
  4. J

    Le Mans Classic- Sunday /Evening Meal at The Hotel De France

    I have organised an evening meal on behalf of the club on Sunday 8th July 2018 at the Hotel De France starting at 19:00-19:30 hours. The two course meal costs E50.00 with a guest speaker giving us a talk about his involvement with Formula 2 motoracing in the 1960s, culminating in his...
  5. D

    Darrells trip to Le Mans and Goodwood

    Hi Guys and Ladies My wife and I are going to the 24 hour at Le Mans this year and a few weeks later we will be back for the classic. We did the same in 2016 and had a great time, the only down side was I never had the chance to speak to any of the owners of the GT40s on display at the classic...
  6. MikeP

    A blast from the past

    Here is a video of the sort of stuff I enjoyed when all the cars looked and sounded different. A classic race of a big banger versus a smaller nimble car. Also one of the reasons i bought a 2l Viva GT instead of an Escort Mexico. I was also a big fan of Vauxhall tuner Bill Blydenstein and the...
  7. D

    Camping Beausejour Le Mans classic

    Hi I am going to the classic this year and will be staying on the Beausejour campsite in my motorhome. When I went to the 24h three years ago I stayed from the Monday before until the Monday after and was wondering if the campsite was open for the same amount of time for the classic. Regards David
  8. C

    FS USA California Classic Mirrors

    California Classic Mirrors (SOLD) I went through mirror OCD during my build and purchased a few different styles till I settled on what I wanted. Some were returned, others stuck around. Here are two California Classic mirrors (my 2nd backup choice) up for sale, still new, never mounted...
  9. K


    Hi, I am a dealer in Classic Cars with offices in Johannesburg & Dubai.
  10. D

    Events In the UK

    :happy::thumbsup: Some information on forth coming events; It is all on the NEW WEBSITE! GT40 Enthusiasts Club To All Members & Visitors if you find yourself in the UK & at the right place at the right time come & enjoy the fun 1. Breakfast events once a month at; Goodwood...
  11. C

    Newbie here

    Hello GT40 posters, I am relatively new to owning a classic and even newer to joining forums but I find this particular one very informative and friendly. My 'Frankenstein' classic is an old Ferrari that has a GM motor and a ZF transaxle. I have found more information about my transmission...
  12. Dave Hood

    GT40 #1046 on Chasing Classic Cars

    Tonight's episode on Chasing Classic Cars features #1046, the MKII car that won LeMans in 1966. The car is currently owned by RK Motors in Charlotte. RK Motors - GT40 P/1046 The show begins at 9:00pm Eastern on the Velocity Channel.
  13. D

    Silverstone Classic

    Silverstone Classic Club Offers. Just to let you all know that some of the Early Bird Offers will END on March31, Check out the website : The Club Code for the offers is in the latest edition of "Fortyfication" F113 & on the Club Website>Events...
  14. M

    Le Mans classic

    Hi Does anyone know if you can take part in the Le Mans Classic with a Superformance GT40/R MK I ? Thanks
  15. J

    Racing Replicas In Europe?

    I'm aware cars with Historic Technical Passports race under FIA rules in Europe. I also know there's chance for GT40 replica owners to track day their cars. However, I don't know of any series for non HTP replicas. If nothing exists, then does anyone think a European classic replica series...