Silverstone Classic 2018

HI All

I been able to plan a trip to the UK to include attending the Silverstone Classic this year.

Plan is do Practice day on Friday 20th July 20th (without wife), Race day Saturday 21st (with wife). Any tips that would enable us to make the most of our visit?.


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Mike Pass

Hi Fred,
I will be there the same days as you. I will be mostly around the Piper Club stand. If you are passing ask the guys if I am about. Ask for Andy Czakow who will know where I am or can phone me and I will come over and say hello.
The main pits are at the “Wing”. Take a ride on the old classic buses. Go down to see the cars on the Friday and then you can watch the racing on the Saturday. Loads of interesting, top notch cars ro see and hear
Be sure to watch the Classic F1 race on Saturday at 14.25pm with 30+ DFV powered cars. I usually watch from the banking by the bridge on the Wellington straight . You are close to the track there and they come under the bridge flat out. The noise on the first lap is something else and makes your ears itch!
All info, timetable, what’s on etc. Here
Welcome - Silverstone Classic 2018
A good place to watch is the stand near to the big wheel. It iis placed where you can look to the left and see the Becketts bends and to the right you can see the other side of the circuit Village and the Loop and you can rest your aching feet! Another good spot is on the outside of the track at Brooklands which is an overtaking place and there is tower with current leaders and a giant TV screen so you can follow what is happening round the rest of the circuit.
Loads of Club areas to see with some rare cars.
PS. I have friends and relatives in St. Francis Bay.and have been to PE few times and been round HiTech to see the superformance cars being made.