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    Clutch slip when hot

    Hi to all I have finally got round to sorting my clutch slip when hot I am using the un1 gearbox mated to a BMW 3.2 evo e36 with a bmw clutch Having stripped it down last week i cam across the following problems The pressure plate badly burnt The flywheel badly burnt with a hairline crack in it...
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    clutch slip when hot

    Hi to all i have a renault un1 gearbox mated to a m3 e36 engine the problem i have his when the engine gets warm the clutch starts slipping Any help i would be appreicated thanks jon
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    UN1 13 Grinding when trying to shift

    Have a problem with my newly installed Un1 13, it did work fine to begin with thoug selecting reverse has been a problem from day one, - tried different things, first off i use a 7/8 mastercylinder and original renault slave, when clutch is depressed it moves 12mm at the slave, tried bleeding it...
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    cluth and bellhousing

    I just buyed a engine factory 347 for my SPF GT40 chasis 2114, but I have a big problem. The new engine has a flywheel based upon a 87-93 Mustang. 157 teeth. 10.5 inch diameter. Neutral Balance. and the bell housing is for a flywheel with 166 teeth, and the starter dónt serve for the engine...