1. B

    Electric Ferrari

    Someone rescued a fire damaged Ferrari 308 GTS from a junkyard and converted it to battery powered. The car was later sold at a Barrett-Jackson auction for $84,700. What has me horrified is not the conversion of a Ferrari to battery power but guy who bought it at the auction is quoted in the...
  2. C

    DIY shade tree in the age of electric vehicles....

    For those shade tree mechanics out there in the age of electric vehicles......is this what we have coming our way? Is this the future? Can I Fix This Tesla MESS?? - YouTube
  3. J

    Electric water pump

    Hi All My SPF is in build in South Africa and I will be speccing my engine shortly. One thing I would like to fit is an electric water pump on the engine, as opposed to fitting a remote one near the front end. Can anyone tell me if there is space with the available bulkhead bubble, or does it...
  4. 5

    Electric cars, in a nutshell...

    This is the basic truth about electric cars that left-wing environmental nuts can’t seem to understand....
  5. C

    Door Actuator

    Hello folks, Does anyone have a drawing for the size and location of the opening for installing a vertical electric door actuator for the SL-C car? Thanks for your time.
  6. Veek

    Electric Porsche 910E

    This is stunning. The first commercially available vehicle from electric car company Kreisel is a replica of the legendary Porsche 910’s street-legal version. The Kreisel Evex Porsche 910e goes from 0 to 62mph in 2.5s, tops out at 186mph and has a 217mi range. The price? $1.06 million...
  7. S

    Wiring harness question.

    My buddy wants to sell me a 21 circuit wiring harness with fuse box from a hot rod project he never finished. Is a 21 circuit harness enough for a GT40? I will be running electric radiator fans of course, electric fuel pump, electric oil pump and possibly electric oil cooler fans.