1. F

    valve covers

    Can anyone tell me what period correct looking valve covers I can fit with my current header setup? Wondering if I can fit Westlake or similar? Any and all options are appreciated as I do not like the current valve covers.
  2. Kim Haun

    Bundle of Snakes Advice

    The stainless steel bundle of snakes I received with the RCR GT40 project I purchased turned out not to fit the car. Everything is too high and too wide to fit under the fiberglass rear clip. I'm in the re-design stage of re-working the exhaust and am looking for opinions on what clearances...
  3. J

    Electric water pump

    Hi All My SPF is in build in South Africa and I will be speccing my engine shortly. One thing I would like to fit is an electric water pump on the engine, as opposed to fitting a remote one near the front end. Can anyone tell me if there is space with the available bulkhead bubble, or does it...
  4. S

    Chassis plans

    Does anyone sell chassis plans for scratch-builders? I have seen the plans from Chris Melia and Renee. I was just curious if there are any plans that could be purchased that are verified to fit a certain body?
  5. C

    Gurney Eagle replica valve covers and cold air box

    Gurney Eagle REPLICA valve covers (to fit standard Ford 289/302/351 windsor heads), with cap and fittings. These will clear roller rockers. Also, both styles of cold air boxes. Both fit the single base which is included. Please note, this was fabricated to fit a modern 48 ida manifold, NOT an...
  6. wolodymyr

    Silicone Y hose to fit 302 Cobra manifold twin outlets?

    I have a 48 IDA inlet manifold with twin water outlets. I was looking for a Y hose to fit, but can only see the cast aluminium pieces on sale in the US. Are there any uk sources for a silicone hose to fit? Dave
  7. D

    windshield wiper arm and blade

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone is using a windshield wiper arm and blade ? If so what did you find that works just hoping to save myself a bunch of time searching for a good fit if someone has the dope on it. Thanks, Grant
  8. J

    Indicators front ....

    Hi Guys and gals .. Going to fit my front indicators over the weekend . I know I have to fit them in the headlight area . I have smaller than the originals . I have to fit them there for IVA . and wasn't sure of position . Can any body help please ? Ta John.
  9. C

    Hi from Leeds UK

    Hi, I'm from Leeds. I'm a huge Aston Martin fan (and own 3) but adore the beauty of the GT40 and really on a quest to build one. I recently visited Tornado and tried sitting in one of their space frame cars. Unfortunatly, being 6'4, I didn't fit. I am now looking for a Tornado monocoque...