Hi from Leeds UK

I'm from Leeds. I'm a huge Aston Martin fan (and own 3) but adore the beauty of the GT40 and really on a quest to build one.

I recently visited Tornado and tried sitting in one of their space frame cars. Unfortunatly, being 6'4, I didn't fit.

I am now looking for a Tornado monocoque car to try and sit in and as Andy at tornado reckons there is a lot more room in them for vertically challenged people like myself.
There are other variants more suited to taller people, including Micks SoutherGT, but in everything it depends not just on height, but on individual body dimensions ( leg length / trunk length / WAIST SIZE etc ) So measure yourself up and look around at all of the options.

Ian Anderson

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Hi Chris and welcome

I am 6'3" and also battled - so understand your problem.
I had a ride in a mate's Tornado and only did so with the seat out, sitting on the floor, but yes I fitted, so that would just mean changing the seats to make the most of the space available. He was using GTD seats.

That said I found a DAX which is a rare one but slightly higher at around 41.5 inches, and that extra space means I fit easily.

They are around so have a look


Mike Pass

Hi Chris,
Welcome. We have a couple of groups of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club in the North. The NW group meet up at the Bells of Peover on the first Wednesday of the month from about 7.30pm onwards.
Bells of Peover | Renowned dining pub just outside Knutsford

There is a NE group who meet up at The Black Bull on the first Tuesday of the month from 7.30pm onwards.
Home - The Black Bull at MidgleyThe Black Bull at Midgley | Pub, Restaurant and Events

We have a good number of cars on the road and in build of a range of makes which you would be able to check out for size. You are no doubt aware that the cars are not spacious! However with a lowered floorpan and a Gurney bubble you should be able to squeeze in OK. The other trick is to use a seat with a sheet alloy frame which sits flat on the floor and with a fairly thin cover gets you a lot lower in the car. The Southern GT has a stainless steel lowered floorpan available off the shelf and a gurney bubble also. It has a widened cabin compared the GTD which is helpful. We have a couple of Southern GTs in the NW group which are nearly complete now that would be useful for you to have a look at.
Southern GT - Manufacturer of the new Southern GT40 Replica-sib9506u3uq0r4bpkhc4o8c7d7

Aston Martins are always welcome.

PM sent ( see top left of page)

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Hi Chris,

I am one of the North West group mentioned by Mike. I am in Warrington and building a Southern GT with a dropped floor pan, if you are ever in the area and want a try for fit, just let me know.

P.S. If you do come please arrive in an Aston ;)
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