Chassis plans

Does anyone sell chassis plans for scratch-builders? I have seen the plans from Chris Melia and Renee. I was just curious if there are any plans that could be purchased that are verified to fit a certain body?
Have you considered gt forte flat pack? Its priced resonably and includes plans. Im considering this approach. Any insite on this idea is much appreciated as im thinking about placing my order as gt forte has a winter special on it right now.
I have thought about it. And it may be the road I take eventually. I want to run a Mustang II front suspension and a Thunderbird IRS rear with GT40 style rear control arms. So I would be doing a lot of modifications to the gtforte chassis to make it all come together. I'm just exploring chassis options while my engine waits to get into machine shop.
there are a few plans on this site if you look.
think there is some in the Riviera scratch build - build diary