1. D

    Front License

    Anybody else need to worry about mounting a front license plate? Washington State troopers use most any reason to pull you over. Looking for some ideas for how to mount a front plate! - sigh!! Colin
  2. T

    GT40 Kellison

    I am building a GT40 Kellison from frame up and may have a few questions along the way. I got my 65 Corvair windshield yesterday and it fits so i am on my way. I am using Porsche transaxle, Ford 302 neutral balanced engine, Porsche 911 front steering with McPherson struts and BMW 328i brakes...
  3. F

    Wheel Bearing Noise

    Took the Lola out for a spin and heard a very bad sound when moving. I determined it was coming from the right front wheel. A dry, metallic clicking/squeaking grinding sound that has no place in a Lola. Took apart, inspected the bearing (P/N 513019) and could find nothing unusual; rotated with...
  4. B

    Tire straps?

    Has anyone tried using tire straps like these for towing? They go along the tread of the tire, up one side and down the other. They use three J hooks, one each in front and behind the tire and then a third for the ratchet. Car Carrier Wheel Strap w/ Wire Hooks & Adj Rubber Blocks &...
  5. C

    Front brake pad observations

    Hey guys - started to reassemble my front calipers today and noted a few odd things about the pads. The ears on my pads appear to have been ground down, is this a brembo or RCR modification? Also noticed that I don't need have a metal backing plate between the pad and pistons. The rear pads...
  6. aladinsane

    Fuel Cell Removal

    Any threads here on procedure to 'remove & replace' a fuel cell bladder. All I can find (search) is it's necessary to remove front suspension and remove from sponson through front wheel well cover. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Tim
  7. G

    Suspension Parts

    Hi all. I have for sale a set of suspeension parts from a Superformance GT40 Mk1. We are converting the car to full FIA spec so have replaced a lot of parts. Trying to sell as set, so don't really want to split. Maybe suit someone starting on a new build or looking to upgrade. We have:- 2x...
  8. W

    Plug leads for Gen II Ford coils.

    What's the solution here, buy Gen II coil end connectors and mod my own leads, get 2 sets of Fiesta leads or what have others done. Coils are mounted at the front end of each cylinder head, so I need to watch out for a little additional length for the leads that cross to the other side. Dave
  9. R

    4 piston callipers & 15” wheels

    Just curious what people have used. I picked up a set of Porsche 996 callipers which are Brembo Mono-block callipers however I seem to have run into a stumbling block when it comes to fitting a disc in them. They use a 61mm deep pad on the front, consequently I have been unable to find a 2 piece...
  10. J

    Indicators front ....

    Hi Guys and gals .. Going to fit my front indicators over the weekend . I know I have to fit them in the headlight area . I have smaller than the originals . I have to fit them there for IVA . and wasn't sure of position . Can any body help please ? Ta John.
  11. ckouba

    Gravity Racer

    Chapter One: Mental Commitment, Design Definition, & Initial Build Portland has an adult soapbox derby each summer ( and an acquaintance of mine built an entry and ran it last year, having a BLAST. I found out about it and decided I had to do it, so I started my...
  12. J

    Genuine Mk1 Front Clip & Nostrils

    Hi, I've got a brand new original Mk1 front clip, with twin nostril panel for sale. Serious offers to [email protected] please... Andrew