1. PeteB

    2015 Superlite SL-C

    My Superlite build has been finished for over a year and I'm itching to build something else. Price: $87,500 Location: Dayton, OH Mileage ~ 2500 Contact: peteballentine @ att dot net Spring 2018 ReinCarNation cover car: Shutterfuel Media Feature...
  2. D

    Superformance front arm

    Does anybody have the hitech aka superformance drawing for the front lower control arm like the drawings in the gallery.
  3. R

    GTD40 for sale **SOLD**

    1986 GTD40 registered for the road September 2001 5300 miles on the clock Ford Torreador Red MOT until June 2019 Engine: Ford 350 Cleveland manufactured September 1973 in Broadmeadows plant, Australia Head: Iron 2V closed chamber quench heads Stainless steel valves Hardened seats...
  4. S

    All fixed now

    All taken care of.
  5. PeteB

    Part #s for idler pulleys

    Anyone know the part numbers for the idler and tensioner pulleys in the the RCR front dress kit? Thanks.
  6. Z

    #1032 @ le mans

    Hello Vintage photos show #1032 bronze/copper having a silver band along the upper side and front glass. Simply to cut down on sun glare or something more complicated?
  7. mesamaui

    FS USA RCR40/ T70 Wheel Hubs new Front and Rear

    Has been sold
  8. G

    Front bearing adjustment

    Hi, I'm in the process of running-in my SPF MKII, with only 330 miles on the clock so far. I've noticed a sensation of "looseness" from the front of the car, and some new mechanical noises in time with wheel rotation, particularly on applying steering lock at low speed. On axle stands, there...
  9. R

    Rear support hoop upper shock/spring mounts

    Has anyone got any good photos to share that show how the original shock mounts were done. It would be great if you could share the chassis number featured in the photo. I realise that this area was continually evolving over the life of the chassis. A photo of the early ones that had the 1”...
  10. M

    Front & rear wheel alignment

    Guys does anyone have a process / Methodology for front & rear wheel alignment settings for road use. Mick
  11. ckouba

    Gravity Racer, take II

    The lunacy is starting again. Last year I (quite casually) chronicled the build of my entry for the Portland "Adult" Soapbox Derby in this thread, and cutting to the chase, WE WON!! This year, instead of tuning up the winner, I have decided to actually just build another one from scratch...
  12. F

    RCR GT-R Parts for Sale

    Please email me at [email protected] if interested in any of the following parts. My location is West Chester, PA. Buyer will pay shipping cost. 1) New Factory front and rear rotors off my GT-R - probably fit SLC also. $125 for all four. SOLD 2) Adjustable pedal bracket (solid piece and nicely...
  13. N

    Master Cylinder Sizes

    I know there is a lot of conversation on this site about this. Much of it is over my head. I saw that someone put together a MC calculator and it made my hair hurt. I have 13” Corvette front brakes and 11” rears with a hydraulic clutch. Is there an average size that would be best? From what...
  14. J

    Parts for a Tornado build

    I have just ordered a "starter package" from Tornado have started to investigate other parts needed for the build. Note: I know Tornado have all the parts needed and that I could buy everything from them - but in Sweden we are not allowed to assemble a kit-car - it has to be amateur built...
  15. L

    2005 GT Front Clam ?

    Is there a way to mod a GT40 front clam shell and hood to work on a 2005 GT ? I am thinking about a buying a 2005 GT with a smashed front end.
  16. R

    15' pin drives with avon tires -- 400 miles of use - 2500$

    Wheels are flawless, tires like new, with spinners, silver face with polished lip, 15x10 rear, 8 front, 215/60 front, 295/50 rear, 352 871 8861, no trades, firm price, ocala fl 34470, i will assist (not pay) for shipping.. Text for pics, i couldnt upload
  17. P

    GTD 40 for sale in the UK **SOLD**

    Ford GTD40 Reg. no. incl.: N40AGT Originally built 1994/5 in Mougins (Cannes). French registered 1996 until January 2005, registered & driven in the South of France (LHD) until 2005. Bought by the current owner in Jan 2005. Initial registration N67RCG. Since then significant...
  18. D

    Mounting front clip

    Anybody else have to remove the front wheels to get the front clip on or off? Am I doing something wrong? I have 19 inch Forgestar F14s.
  19. M

    SPF front upright lower bearings

    Greetings from Hampshire. Last MoT test showed up play (looked vertical) in the lower bearing on the driver side front upright on my SPF GT40 Mk1. Anyone have any idea/experience of what I’ll find when I get the time to pull it apart? Is there adjustment or will I be looking to source a new...
  20. D

    Another SLC hits the streets

    After 4 years of building, my SLC just received its license and registration and is now free to roam the streets. I'd like to thank everyone who posted on this forum - it was tremendously valuable during the build. Some of the details for the car include: - License plate backup camera that...