Tire straps?

That's what I use, except my straps have the attachments that go directly into the e-track. Works good for low ground clearance and places where you don't want to hook onto the chassis or parts.
Thanks for the recommendations. Paul, your photo answers another question of mine (does the ratchet need to be inline with the other two hooks).

Has anyone used them with a narrow 155x13 tire?

I have a metal trailer with holes in the bed, so I use J hooks instead of an e-track.
BTW, this is what I currently use. It's a combination of a single strap with something like an axle strap that wraps around the top third of the tire. It's easy to use as long as there's clearance for your hands.


Mark Charlton

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Ben, I would never use only an over-the-tire strap except for very short distances. We transported six cars in a transporter using those and after 3,000 miles (yes, a long trip), several of them had let go or come off. One of the cars only had one strap still holding properly. It scared the crap out of me. I only use the E-Track and the straps that go over AND around the tire. No issues yet.


At the moment, I'm leaning towards tire basket straps. With an 8" or 10" wide tire (such as those on a GT40), I think that the straight tire straps will work well on my trailer, but I don't think they'll work well on my trailer with a car with narrow 155R13 on my trailer (I compared the car's width to the trailer's holes for the J-hooks).

US Cargo Control also makes tire basket straps with J-hooks. I'll need to order them and see if they'll fit a small tire.

Car Carrier Tire Holder Basket Straps w/ Swivel Hooks & Ratchet - 4 Pack