1. RichardH

    UN1 Rod Change Reverse Gear Lockout

    Having had a look around without any luck, does anyone know where i can get a reverse gear lockout plate/mechanism. Reverse on mine is left and back. I have seen the Tornado cable mechanism, but would rather a selector guide plate incorporating a reverse gear latch of some form. Any ideas?
  2. G

    Props to John B. and his gears. - review

    SLC 2017 LT4 Engine w/ pully upgrade making 600rwhp and 608lbs tq. After purchase but before my SLC was even in the build stage, I was approached by my builder about a different gear ratio that he believed would help my SLC be more driver-friendly. Not knowing anything about the Graziano...
  3. Jkviper

    .903 Graziano Drop gear set order

    Just an FYI out to the community. I’ve been discussing the different options for gearing on the Graziano with John B. For my needs I am going with a .903 drop gear set which is a custom order. So, if anyone is interested in that specific ratio please reach out to him since the order is going in soon
  4. JBurer

    Graziano gearing - part two

    It's been about a year since I started offering drop gears for the Graziano (Graziano Gearing and Drop Gears) - multiple installs and feedback has been great from those who have driven cars with them installed. The one shortcoming of the 1.038 set, however, was the lack of a true overdrive gear...
  5. P

    Top Gear

    GT 40 featured on Top Gear but without Clarkson slagging it off for being too small (as he did years ago!). OK probably a Superformance being presented as 66 winning car but still a good advert! Also has piece on Extra Gear with Jackie Oliver driving.
  6. M

    Graziano Fluids Pre-filled?

    I went to add gear lube to my Graziano transaxle, and in opening the side access, fluid started to come out. Are these pre-loaded with gear lube? Should I drain what is in it and add new fluids? Does anyone know the amount of gear lube the Graziano takes? I have a tranny cooler. Do I need...
  7. P

    Trans Ratio's

    Hi Gents I know there has been a lot of discussion around gear ratio's but I would like some feed back on what you think is the best final drive ratio for the street. I'm running a Porsche G96 3.44:1 on 25" rubber. Although I haven't done many miles it just seems too low. So before I shell out...
  8. A

    Gearbox installation

    Hi, Gearbox Installation process: 1. Checking that there are no damages at the gear unit. 2. Checking that the gear unit and the motor name plate, matches the requirements of the machine the unit is to be installed into. 3. Thoroughly cleaning the gearbox mounting surfaces that are to...
  9. S

    ZF 4th gear breakages

    I've got a Roush 427 Windsor stroker 505hp 520ft. lbs. Twice I've broken 4th gear in my RBT, 7 years ago and now. Both times during track days. Once on a downshift, once on upshift. First time all the gear teeth were stripped off, this time just one broken tooth. Reading old posts someone said...
  10. F

    UN1 gearbox

    Whenever the gearbox gets hot the gear change deteriorates to the point where getting it into gear becomes difficult, it's okay when cold, it's been like this since installation, it's got the quaif gear set and I've changed oil from semi through fully synthetic and mineral oil and it's made no...
  11. Fivepointseven

    Audi 01E gear shifter

    Hi, I am looking for a ready to install gear shifter for my Audi 01E. Can anybody help on this? Thanks in advance, Udo
  12. JBurer

    Graziano Gearing and Drop Gears

    I put this post together to help others avoid the pitfalls I've encountered with my Graziano L140 - transaxle from the Ausdi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo and some others. There's a huge amount of misinformation out there about gear ratios (including Audi's own product guides) and all aspects of a...
  13. R

    016 third gear

    Hi guys, Have had the misfortune of knocking some teeth off third gear in my 016. If anyone has a damaged gearbox but with a good third gear please let me know. It is an AAZ ratio box with all the upgrades and has lasted well over the last 14 years behind a 347 windsor. As much as an...
  14. R

    Rumbles SLC Build

    I just ordered my SLC. Inital plans are: Yellow Gelcoat, Street tail, hippo mirrors LS3 motor (430HP) G50 transaxle It will be a street car that is: Well finished for show Usable guts for go Reliable, for minimal "Oh Nooos" Comfortable, so I'll drive it Mo' Affordable, so it won't make me...