Props to John B. and his gears. - review

2017 LT4 Engine w/ pully upgrade making 600rwhp and 608lbs tq.

After purchase but before my SLC was even in the build stage, I was approached by my builder about a different gear ratio that he believed would help my SLC be more driver-friendly. Not knowing anything about the Graziano ratios and how they would affect my build, I called John B. I had a lot of questions and wanted to make sure that this money would be well-spent. I kept John on the phone for about an hour and he answered all my questions. I decided to purchase and got the 1.04 gears installed in my Graziano transaxle a few months later. Well, I am happy to say that I have put several hundred miles on my car since it's completion and am very glad with the decision I made. Since the car came to me with the revised ratios, I can only base the impact of the original gears on MPH, shifting and how the car behaves from other cars I've been in and the gearing calculator - but I know the limited RPM bands from the original gearing would have meant no time held in gear, constant shifting (something I find annoying) and zero traction. I do love a good burnout, but there's something to be said about having the option to spin the tires based on how far I push the throttle versus driving like I'm on ice. I can't imagine the car being more traction-limited than it is already!

Now that the car is done, I'm really happy I went with the LT4 motor and the 1.04 drop gears. Here are a few shift points and cruise RPMs I took on my last drive. These are rough estimates but close. Most of my shifts are low because my engine is loud in my ears. lol...

1 to 2nd gear - 25 mph @ 2100 rpm
2nd to 3rd gear - 43 mph @ 2400 rpm
3rd to 4th gear - 53 mph @ 3000 rpm

Highway Cruise
4th gear - 45 mph @ 2100 rpm
4th gear - 55 mph @ 2700 rpm
4th gear - 60 mph @ 3000 rpm
5th gear - 65 mph @ 2300 rpm
5th gear - 75 mph @ 2700 rpm

Joel K

Granville, I really like your build, from the engine choice, body mods and colors, just a fantastic build. I also ordered a gear set from John B, but went with a slightly taller drop gear.

Wondering if you have any pictures you can post or send me of the chassis mods necessary in getting the LT4 to fit.

I am looking make an engine choice in the winter and will choose between an LS3 with an Edelbrock Supercharger or an LT4. Since I have to pass OBD emissions I need to go with an E-Rod engine and supposedly GM is close to releasing an LT4 E-Rod which meetings emissions requirements.

Anyway, any pictures you can provide is greatly appreciated.