1. W

    Snap-on Timing light help

    Has anyone here got a Snap on Timing light number MT2261A ( the computerized Tach / advance unit ) Mine broke today and I found the cables to the Spark Lead pickup unit had disconnected at the pick up. As usual I took it apart, repaired the cables then forgot how it went together !! Can...
  2. Big-Foot

    2005 Ford GT - Some light cleaning and assembly required...
  3. M

    Brake Light Switch

    Hello, Does anyone have some pictures (search can't find any), or recommendations for a brake light switch. I am inclined to go with a manual switch based on various reading. Thought about microswitch, that would maybe have some clearance issues and be in the way on the floor mounted pedals...
  4. R

    Original Le-Mans red marker light (Ex British MOD)

    Original Le-Mans style red marker light (Ex British MOD), includes original packaging. £100 ovno plus postage Can ship international (buyer to pay postage) PayPal payment accepted (invoice will be sent via email) Thanks Rich
  5. J

    IVA Fail ..

    Hi All my 40 went for IVA today up at Kidderminster .I got a fail ......:furious: all silly things really to name a few ....... Interior mirror vibrating on tick over ....... had sticker on dash stating dip for the head light . they want another sticker saying Main ...... fog light...
  6. PeteB

    Help! Throttle position sensor error

    So I'm 100 miles from home at a car show . 7 miles from the show the check engine light comes on and no response to the throttle. Reads code 1238. I let it sit for a while and tried restarting the engine. No check engine light, throttle works fine. I'm a bit concerned about driving all the way...
  7. P

    GTD40 Tail lights !!!

    Looking for replacement light assemblies. I would like to find the same style. Apparently the guy I bought my from had rigged a secondary brake light switch in addition to the regular one that comes on the brake master. It seems he did this instead of fixing or replacing the normal switch...
  8. M


    There is one red light and one green light on the top of this car #1049. What are they for?
  9. J

    Rear Fog light IVA.

    Hi all has any body fitted the rear fog light gadget that turns off the fog light once you turn your light off. And don't allow the fog light to be left on . I'm fitting one now ........ And wanted to know how you got on with it .. It became part of the IVA list in 2013. Can you let...
  10. actvpwr

    GT40 Tail Lights

    I found out the hard way years ago when I was prepping 1076 for Monterey. I backed it out of the shop and caught the wheel of the dumpster with the tail light in the parking lot. Ran all over So Cal looking for a replacement Tail Light lens for the one I just pulverized. That's when i found out...
  11. I

    Retrofitted SLC Tails

    From the time I saw the SLC, I wanted to do something different with the tail lights since I wasn't happy with running stock or aftermarket LEDs. I ordered my SLC on 1/04/17, so I still have a couple of months till it's ready and decided to order a single tail light off eBay and see what I...