1. Howard Jones

    Please post answer/update

    I have noticed that on occasion (more so recently) people ask a technical question and receive as answer something like...….. "I have that answer please PM me" or just simply "PM sent" Now I fully understand that if what is being asked/needed is contact information for a individual or other...
  2. brettmcc

    GTD Passenger Water Pipe Cover

    Does anyone know where I can get the template or a copy of the cover piece that the GTDs had for the water pipes in the passenger foot well please? I need to do mine and I think it would be easier to install or modify. Thanks in advance Brett
  3. D

    Working on your GT40 in style!!

    Found this on the internet: Ford Mechanic Overall Just received mine today :pepper:
  4. MHNCO


    This seemed appropriate for the Paddock. Having spent several years in the high performance diesel hobby, I can attest to there being a wide spectrum of "enthusiasts". Given these folks are probably relatives of mine I can LMAO at these antics. There are many daily drivers out there making...