GTD Passenger Water Pipe Cover

Does anyone know where I can get the template or a copy of the cover piece that the GTDs had for the water pipes in the passenger foot well please?

I need to do mine and I think it would be easier to install or modify.

Thanks in advance

I,ll go into workshop and see if I have the template for the water pipe cover. Long time since I made one of those, and I assume you have an alloy clad frame and not one of the fibreglass tubs !!
Bingo, we are in luck. Had these since the dark ages !!!!!!!

Now Brett, I see that you have a SGT chassis and it is possible that yours is slightly different to the original GTD measurements.

I crudely butted the two card templates together to give you the rough idea, but please remember that these were my sheet alloy cutting and bending templates and were then finely fettled, riveted/ or welded together and Rivnut-bolted into position for easy access.
Very easy to make if you have a guillotine and folder.

Over to you now .......................... any use ??

Sorry, this site will not download the pictures I have taken, so could you send me your email address I will forward them to you to peruse and decide if useable for you chassis.