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Howard Jones

I have noticed that on occasion (more so recently) people ask a technical question and receive as answer something like...…..

"I have that answer please PM me" or just simply "PM sent"

Now I fully understand that if what is being asked/needed is contact information for a individual or other personal information then by all means it is completely justified to keep the answer private.

But...……….if it's something like "what is a real GT40 tail light from?" and the reply is "PM me I know that one".

What the hell is that! This forum IS FOR providing information like that, letting everybody know the answer and, recording it publicly so we can all benefit from the information. The search engine can't "PM me" either.

Just a ongoing pet peeve of mine, I'm like that...… offence meant.
I think you will find in many of those cases the person is attempting to make money from helping or selling goods/services to the initial poster without drawing attention from moderators.
completely agree Howard.

Most of my posts/questions go un-answered. I am very grateful for whatever help people are able to offer and try and do the same in kind. If I do manage to work it out in the meantime, I normally try and respond to my own question with whatever result has been derived.
Sometimes the answer arrives by PM though.


Randy V

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I agree Howard...

And to Jac’s point we’re also aware of these thinly veiled sales practices and I’ve had to send notes to a couple of guys.

Scott Calabro

Hahahahaha I agree Howard! When I built my first car I needed the paint info for chassis #1027. I inquired with two VERY well known GT40 restoration shops, one in the USA and one in England. Neither would do much as acknowledge my question. With some research I found the paint code info. 68 Renault Yellow #386.

I have found the owners and restoration shops of original cars to hold information very close to their chests and seem to think that it’s the right thing to do. It’s really sad, because in the warbird restoration community, ( I help restore WW2 Aircraft gun turrets, and am close to finishing a complete rebuild of a 1943 O58B) we do everything we can to help a “brother” out.

Different strokes I guess....

Cliff Beer

Well, if we're speaking honestly (much of the time people aren't...) then the issue is really this: specialists with knowledge of original cars limiting access to their unique knowledge and experience of original cars for the purpose of preserving relevance and extracting premium pricing in one way or another.

In other words, folks "in the know" of original cars maintaining their informational relevance by excluding broader/public access to this information.

On the one hand, who can find fault in that? Many of these specialists have worked long and hard, researched extensively, and invested countless hours in acquiring this unique knowledge and experience....and reasonably should be entitle to secure some economic benefit for that. That's no different than any other specialist service provider.

On the other hand, sure would be nice to share this information in a collegial forum like this with a bunch of other fans of GT40....original and recreation. I guess folks make individual choices as to how much they want to share with others.....

Howard Jones

I'm not asking anybody to give away their business's intellectual property. That does make sense to me. However...…… too often, having nothing to do with original (real) GT40s or T70s and others for that matter, the respondent seams to holding information very tightly to his chest and offering the answer/information only via direct contact.

I really don't understand that. After all, without this forum there WOULD BE NO DIRECT CONTACT.

I am only urging everyone to take the time and put the information in the response for everyone's benefit. I have benefited a great deal from others willing to reach out and help me with a question I can't figure out on my own. The truth is without this forum I couldn't have built my cars to their meager standard or taken part in this wonderful hobby to the extent I have. I want to thank Ron and everybody else for it, as I do when every I feel it is appropriate.

Off my horse and back to the garage...………….PM me if you want to know the name of the horse...……………...
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Initially I was naïve. I offered free advice, from the little I have and was either ' pilloried ' and my sources or judgement attacked, or frankly ignored and no appreciation received. Not much incentive there.
In life, from my experience, there are a broad band of folks that fundamentally resent help,
even though they supposedly publically seek it. Perhaps they just want all to agree with them, despite their clear lack of any research.They seem to equate that to having a small penis. God knows where that comes from.
:idea: God I suppose.
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Well said. I've given up posting any hints or advise from my own mistakes or learnings from my SGT40 Mk1 and Mk2. Just getting attacked, so I now keep my build knowledge to my inner circle of friends. Keep up the amazing work Charlie

Cliff Beer

Personally, I'm asking for advice with some frequency with regard to some issue or it seems right and decent to share advice/information wherever/whenever I can. That's just being decent and giving back something where I've taken. The reality is that the skill and knowledge of others here vastly exceeds mine so it not like I'm able to contribute as much as I benefit, honestly speaking.

Sure, there's always people who critique and poke....but most of the time that kind of thing is ignored by most (just my sense). People here are pretty smart and intuitive and recognize that pretty easily.

Howard Jones

I have to say that given that I have been reading a LOT of posts on this website nearly daily for a very long time and have posted 100s if not 1000s of times. I have never been attacked in a technical forum. I have been corrected, thank you for that, and I have had my limited mechanical engineering skills criticked from time to time, thanks again for the couple of times people have adverted a dangerous mistake on my part, but I have to say I have never felt like anyone was trying to insult me.

Maybe I just have thick skin.
A public forum is what you make it.

With the above ethos I will try and lead by example and supportothers doing the same where I have information to share.
It gets dicey when you have to make a comment or discuss anissue with one of the forums supporters. This is where most public forums fall apart.