1. Big-Foot

    FS USA Vintage Harrison Oil Cooler ((Sold))

    Im in the process of consolidating my shop to get ready for a cross-country move. Many things need to find suitable homes.Offered here is a Harrison Oil Cooler.Threads all appear to be in good order. No cracks or damage other than what's visible in the photos. It is a used part and will need a...
  2. Joystick

    Graz KBA oil

    I’m sure I’ve seen a thread regarding type of oil for the Graziano but I can’t find it. Can anyone help me? Preferably Red Line.
  3. G

    Inverted 997 tranny oil level

    I researched but was unable to get a definitive answer. Its my understanding that a Porsche 997 transaxle takes 3 quarts of oil. By inverting the transaxle will it now require more oil for proper lubrication??? Thanks
  4. Kim Haun

    50/52 Transaxle Cooler

    My 50/52 transaxle has fittings for a cooler. But I'm wondering if I need some sort of pump to move the oil? Or is there an internal mechanism that moves the oil? Kim
  5. C

    Break-in oil - recommendations

    What's a good break-in motor oil for a new Ford crate motor? Synthetic? Old skool non-synthetic? Recommended weight? Thanks
  6. W

    Faulty oil gauge?

    Hi all Have a little issue with my CAV and its oil pressure gauge, When the ignition is turned on, the needle travels the extent of the gauge from 0 to 100 Is the fault with the gauge or the sender? Also, where is the sensor? Thanks Will
  7. 7

    Another question: Dry or wet oil sump setup??

    Got another question. Do most use a standard oil pan in their GT40? Or can a 7 qt. pan be used? Or are dry sump setups used because of added ground clearance? Or a road race rear sump oil pan? Too many choices.
  8. C

    Quaife Oil Pump

    Hi: I am in the process of ordering the Quaife transmission for a Superformance GT40MKII that I have under construction. The car has the optional transmission oil cooler, and I am wondering whether anyone has ordered the oil pump from Quaife (which I believe is mechanical) or has used an...
  9. C

    FS USA Canton Oil Breather Filters

    Two new in box, Canton Oil Breather filters. This Chrome plated valve cover breather is made to work with a 1-3/8" breather tube. The filter element uses a woven cotton fabric enclosed in a wire mesh. The cotton fiber holds oil which traps dirt particles without restricting the air flow...
  10. C

    FS USA Mocal 13 Row -10 Oil Cooler

    Think Automotive Ltd MOCAL, 13 Row, 235mm, 10 JIC Male, Oil Cooler New in box, never installed. This oil cooler is also used in Cobras. $105 plus CONUS shipping
  11. P

    GTD 40 for sale in the UK **SOLD**

    Ford GTD40 Reg. no. incl.: N40AGT Originally built 1994/5 in Mougins (Cannes). French registered 1996 until January 2005, registered & driven in the South of France (LHD) until 2005. Bought by the current owner in Jan 2005. Initial registration N67RCG. Since then significant...
  12. M

    Oil fillter

    Anybody got a part number for a 1973 302 oil filter Regards mark
  13. J


    Hi guys and gals .... I'm not using my 40 yet IVA in January ,,,,,,,,,, I have running in oil in my engine 302 ..... How long should this be left in ? ..I am running it up now and again .. so when I change the oil and filter what oil do you guys use ?? I used Valvoline in my Cobra with no...
  14. C

    Oil cooler placement

    Just wondering if I should expect some troubles with this oil cooler placement. It's rather high, just about the same height as the mid-point of the valve covers. It's located there because this is what was the fresh air inlet for the intake on the old turbo motor. I'll add a fan to boost...
  15. F

    UN1 gearbox

    Whenever the gearbox gets hot the gear change deteriorates to the point where getting it into gear becomes difficult, it's okay when cold, it's been like this since installation, it's got the quaif gear set and I've changed oil from semi through fully synthetic and mineral oil and it's made no...
  16. J

    Oil/Coolant Temp Sensor

    I'm trying to plumb the oil temp sensor of a SPF into my oil line. The coolant and oil temp sensors are mechanical. Looks like the coolant temp sensor will plug into a boss on the intake manifold so that should be solved (yet to try it). I was planning on putting in a -12AN T fitting into the...
  17. N

    We all need a Kumbaya in our oil changes

    No Kumbaya in my oil changes obviously where I have been going wrong How To Do An Oil Change (Episode 8) - YouTube
  18. Doc Watson

    ZF rear cover nut torque

    After receiving my zf -0, I filled it will oil and every week I spin it for about 2 minutes to ensure the oil is moved around the internals. According to Paul Flemming they can 'rust up' if left dry for a period of time. The box was inspected cleaned and new seals were installed by Paul. I...
  19. G

    ROUSH 427IR Oil recommendations.

    Hi My Superformance MkII is currently undergoing it's engine install, it is having a Roush 427IR with Borla 8 stack fuel injection - because of the Borla the engine has been supplied without initial test bed running. Information from Roush on oil recommendation appears limited to "10w30...