Another question: Dry or wet oil sump setup??

Got another question. Do most use a standard oil pan in their GT40? Or can a 7 qt. pan be used? Or are dry sump setups used because of added ground clearance? Or a road race rear sump oil pan? Too many choices.

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In a GT set up as an FAV car you must used a high clearance pan such as available from Armondos or Aviad. Some replicas such as CAV mount the engine higher so a standard pan will clear the road. This is also a factor of transaxle, the original ZF has the input shaft under the output, the Audis, etc. have the input above the output which puts the engine crank and thus the engine higher in the chassis.
That's what I was wondering. As long as it's above the lower parts of the chassis, it should be good. I was looking at a 7 qt. Canton road race pan. But I have seen dry sump tanks on some cars while trolling around and looking at everyone's pics.

The two mentioned above seem to be pretty much like the Canton pan. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be needing a rear sump or some other pan unique to the GT40.
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Whatever is fitted you’ve got make sure that the lower face of the sump is tucked up and not the lowest point of the chassis. In my RCR I’ve got an Aviaid GT40 sump with the engine raised 1” to accommodate an Audi transaxle with decent drive shaft angles. It packages very well.
With the RCR the front to rear pipework runs through the central chassis tunnel and emerges just ahead of the sump. At this point I’ve mounted a small skid plate. Talking of potential ground clearance issues I’ve mounted skid plates under the seat belt mounts and pedal block mounts when they go through the floor.

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In my opinion, all cars of this type should be dry-sumped....if they are driven like they were born to be driven!


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Make sure whichever wet sump oil pan you go with it has a fully baffled trap door style oil pickup section to prevent running the oil pump dry in high G cornering. I know Armando's and Aviaid pans include that, not so sure about others.