1. Silver66fb

    Custom Vehicle Registration in TX - Warning

    I learned a tough lesson recently. TX Custom Vehicle registration expired 12/31/2017, while the GT40 was down for some work. In March, I took my insurance paperwork to the county annex and asked to renew the registration. Sorry - no longer in the system! 30 days after the Custom Vehicle...
  2. 7

    Has anyone ever gotten a Griffin transaxle......

    I'm in the planning stages for a GT40 car and am looking at my options for the transaxle. I want to do a right hand drive setup with the shifter on the right, so cable shifter. It seems like the best I've found so far is a Porsche 6-speed. Rebuilt by a reputable company with an adapter plate...
  3. C

    FS USA Round Fuel Cell Fill Plates

    -SOLD- Round Fuel Cell Fill Plates New, never used from ATL Fuel Cells, I have two Fuel Cell Container Fill Plates (TF-107), with gaskets. Specs from Summit: ATL Fuel Cell Container Fill Plates TF107 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing Fill Plate Bolt Hole Quantity: 12...
  4. P

    Superformance chassis number

    I'm amazed that there is not a cold typing of the chassis number on the Superformance, is this plate? someone to confirm thank you
  5. C

    KEP Adapter Plate (NEW)

    For sale: A new plate and hardware kit for a SBF (302/351) to a G86-20 (Boxster S 6-speed). I mocked my trans up three-weeks ago.... $295 (just paid $415) Example: 600 hp LS7 w/ G86-20 trans (3-years of track use and still going strong)
  6. D

    Front License

    Anybody else need to worry about mounting a front license plate? Washington State troopers use most any reason to pull you over. Looking for some ideas for how to mount a front plate! - sigh!! Colin
  7. C

    Front brake pad observations

    Hey guys - started to reassemble my front calipers today and noted a few odd things about the pads. The ears on my pads appear to have been ground down, is this a brembo or RCR modification? Also noticed that I don't need have a metal backing plate between the pad and pistons. The rear pads...
  8. D

    License Plate Lights

    What are you guys using to light up the license plate? LED bolt lights, recessed LED strip lights? Looking for something that worked well. Thanks
  9. Doc Watson

    zf-0 type plate

    Does the ZF-0 come with a type plate? I have seen them on the zf -1 and -2 boxes but not on a -0. Mine dosent have one ( zf-0) and this plate is supposed to have a 10 digit serial number starting with 1031 (according to ZF Germany) There is a cast number in the rear gearbox which is...
  10. L

    RCR/SLC adapter plate G96.01

    I think there's a couple people who've used the RCR/SLC adapter kit for the g96.01 and LS. All I received was the adapter plate and flywheel. I know others have at least gotten bolts but I'm not sure about instructions. I've got a donor flexplate from an 04 C5, but it doesn't seem to align...
  11. T

    need help interpreting this ZF ID plate

    This is a photo of the ID plate on my ZF transaxle. The gear ratios seem low to me given the output horsepower of the 289 circa 1967, but I'm hoping someone might have some insight as to why the ratios are as they are and perhaps what the ID numbers mean. Thanks, John
  12. M

    012 gearbox to Alfa V6

    Hi Everybody I am building a mid engine car at the moment but am having trouble with mating the gearbox an Audi 012 to the engine an Alfa 3litre V6. The alfa flywheel is too big fit inside the bellhousing. I need to use this for the starter to work. Also because the Alfa V6 is externally...
  13. K

    In the PC Race - Canada Wins!

    Sorry Canucks but really..... :shocked: Man has personalised number plate withdrawn due to 'offensive' surname