License Plate Lights

What are you guys using to light up the license plate? LED bolt lights, recessed LED strip lights? Looking for something that worked well.


Not sure what radio you plan to use, but I installed the Alpine ilx-007 and they offered a license plate holder that integrated the backup camera with plate lights. A very easy and clean install.
Thanks Dan and Ian
Dan, I'd love a photo/details of your setup if able. I have a slim android unit that provides all the features I like including a backup app. I already have a camera; but if I can get the license plate lights and camera in a single unit that would help.
All these are Alpine products to ensure compatibility. The camera (Alpine) is wide angle and as you can see fits very nicely in the license plate holder (Alpine). To the left and right of that holder are the plate lights. I built the harness myself.

As for the radio (Alpine), it has a "backup" functionality for the camera, however, if you look at the instrument panel, you will notice a toggle switch called "camera". I lie to the system to make it think I am in reverse. The camera then gives me rear view whenever I want it. There may be better location for the rear view functionality, but this suits me just fine.

I sourced my stuff from Crutchfield.


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Dan, have you tried the fit on the plate holder? I think you may have to trim the fiberglass to get that to fit.