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    Anyone used Zircotec for Exhaust coating?

    Hi all, Im shortly taking delivery of a GTD40 and the exhaust is currently letting the engine bay down a bit. Its a bundle of snakes which at some point was chrome finished but there is not a lot left of the chrome now. At some point I might consider replacing the system with a full...
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    Watch SLC at Summit Point Live

    4/21 I am going to try to broadcast from Summit Point on Periscope. It's a app that you can download on your phone free. If you have not use it download turn it on and go to the picture of the earth click then find Summit Point it's in West Virginia. If I am live there will be a red dot over the...
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    Graziano shifter linkage ratios

    Hi I recently acquired a used graziano gearbox our of a Audi r8. It was a R-tronic transmission ie hydraulic command. The hydraulic crap was removed Clarkson style (hammer). Now I need to make the linkage for manual shifting... To save some time and keep it compatible with standard...
  4. C

    Ground Clearance

    Hi: Pending the arrival of my MKII, I have been giving all sorts of thought to practical issues, such as ground clearance, particularly at the front. My car will be mainly for road use, and, obviously, I will be extremely careful, but a general question I have is what have people's...
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    How to measure the length of the header tubes?

    I have read that the original GT40s had a header tube length of 36". Is this the distance from the flange at the head to the start of the collector or ...? I have heard conflicting opinions on whether the length is the tube length (which would include the tube that is slipped inside the...
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    Positive to Negative Conversion for Mastercell

    I am using the Summit Raptor Pro to provide much of the switching via the steering wheel. I need to have the inputs to the Master cell be ground based. I know I saw it somewhere, but can anyone point me to the wiring needed to convert the wires that normally attach to the GM steering column into...
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    Anybody with Mk2 luggage boxes for sale

    Looking for a set of mk2 luggage boxes, have a ZF transaxle, mk2 rear subframe and don't feel like learning to TIG weld aluminum at this point, none of the online vendors list them for sale anymore. Thanks
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    Hello from South Ogden, UT

    Hi folks, I figured I'd sign up so that I could enjoy the pictures and ask the occasional question here and there while I plan- and dream- about building my first kit car. Yep, another dreamer, so I'll keep my input to a minimum. ;) I'm primarily interested in the Nemesis, but it is a bit...
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    The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame..

    What does it mean? It sounds like some kind of cheap scam to me but others may have a different point of view...