1. D

    How does superlite's SL-C handle in the winter?

    I do not know where else to ask this, but as I live in Michigan, I need to know how this car handles in winter conditions before I buy the kit.
  2. Howard Jones

    Connecting rod to stroke ratio

    Another thread on 331 verse 347 and their comparison to standard 302 stroke/bore dimensions opened up the question of rod to stroke ratio. The question was asked (by Jac so I know this is a good question) which was the best ratio: 302= 1.696, 331=1.661, 347= 1.588 My guess is the...
  3. J

    Vacuum pumps.

    Hi all I am looking at fitting a pump to my servos . Mine just don't feel like they are working properly . Have to press pedal quite hard . My question is has any body fitted an electric servo pump and any for or against .. Thanks all .. John.
  4. IanAnderson

    A different iteration of the GT40?

    Would this ever be considered on the GT? The question would be ....... Why?? Ian
  5. C

    New member!

    Ok, so plan on visiting Fran from RCR next week possibly with a deposit for a GT 40? A couple questions... does anyone have advise about convincing my wife why I need this project? Honestly And a easier question, with a Coyote would you recommend a ZF from RBT or maybe a Quaife? Chris
  6. 7

    Another question: Dry or wet oil sump setup??

    Got another question. Do most use a standard oil pan in their GT40? Or can a 7 qt. pan be used? Or are dry sump setups used because of added ground clearance? Or a road race rear sump oil pan? Too many choices.
  7. G

    Mk1 #1049 Paint Codes

    Ok guys. I need some help with the color names and code numbers for the original Gulf Oil colors on chassis number 1049. I know this question has been asked before but have yet to find a accurate answer. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. B

    Antenna Range

    Someone asked on Amazon about a product, but due to a typo, he got a lot of answers to the question asked, but not the question intended. Customer Questions & Answers I can't help wondering if any of the Paddock regulars responded.
  9. L

    GT40 Chassis starting point

    Hi all, I tried to search to see if this question has every been asked before and could not find it. My question is this; What production car chassis (if any) most approximates the needed specifications of a ford GT or ford GT40 chassis? Specifically, the windshield, leg room, dash...
  10. N

    Wheel Size Quick Question

    Quick question. Most GT40’s have 15” wheels. Some 17 and some 19. How come you don’t see 16” wheels?
  11. 5

    For sale ad not appering...

    Have tried to make a ad for a transaxle I have for sale, but it’s not appearing. Am I doing something wrong? Probably a admin question..?..
  12. P

    Struggling with the "human verification" on joining?

    Dear all, as this was a bit of a struggle for me I wanted to share this with other potential newbies just in case. And as this can be read without being a member, it might help one or the other. I have tried joining the forum multiple times, but I kept on failing on the "human verification...
  13. M

    A door question

    For all you owners out there. I'd like to cut the roof of my Lotus Europa the way the GT40 is. They share much the same design in the doors except the roof cut out. The same head room problem getting in & out of the Lotus is I'm sure what prompted Ford to bring the door tops into the roof. The...
  14. M

    Superformance GT40 questions... need help :)

    Hi everyone, We've been thinking about buying a Superformance GT40. Here are some questions that we couldn't find answers to online: 1.) How much would it cost to have the car shipped (we live just north of Dallas)? 2.) Would we have to pay a gas guzzler tax? (Is the car qualified as a...