1. F

    Flywheel. Ford 302 short block . GTD

    Hi I need to replace my starter as broken. Can someone tell me the info about the flyweel and starter unit I need to buy ? I believe the flywheel is from a Ford V6 (standard GTD ?) ? Many thanks grtz Fred
  2. K

    Porsche transaxle starter fitment...

    I found some useful info on this site on fitting a starter for the Porsche transaxle. I have a stock Bosch starter but as many of you know the solenoid gets in the way of the Horshoe in the RCR chassis. Hi Torque says they have a starter that will work for my application but I am bulking at...
  3. J

    IVA Fail .....2....

    :furious: Hi all Well she failed AGAIN .......... on 2 things he rekons he missed on the 1st test ............He wants a couple more zip ups on the battery lead to the starter motor ........... and is now Questioning the paperwork on the rear plexy glass . ... cant believe this tosser...
  4. bill kearley


    Can any one tell me what bell housing is used with a 427w i a CAV? I have interference with rear cross member at the bottom and the starter bump. I could machine to make room would like to look at other options first. Thanks Bill
  5. M

    Starter Button and Battery Switch

    I am getting ready to start the electrical aspects of the build. The Infinity system looks straight forward, but there are a number of things that need to be added. I have seen starter buttons and battery switches in some builds. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best options for...
  6. T

    GTD starter motor

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me where i can get a replacement starter motor for my 1992 GTD. The current one i know its not a FORD unit.... Looking for a hi-torque replacement Cheers
  7. P

    Battery/Starter Dilema

    We are at the Go-Cart stage in our build and have found out that the AGM Braille battery (B14115) we are currently using is not large enough to consistently crank the SL-C supplied Bosch starter :cry:. When we use a large (650 CCA) lead acid battery in parallel with our AGM battery, we are able...
  8. R

    cluth and bellhousing

    I just buyed a engine factory 347 for my SPF GT40 chasis 2114, but I have a big problem. The new engine has a flywheel based upon a 87-93 Mustang. 157 teeth. 10.5 inch diameter. Neutral Balance. and the bell housing is for a flywheel with 166 teeth, and the starter dónt serve for the engine...