Hey everyone,

just chasing info on my pinion gear for the stater motor. a Long time ago it had an issue where the clutch slave was leaking and the car started under load. At this point it seemed to be just the slave leaking but then stalled because the clutch wouldn‘t work. Then when I tried to start the car again the starter just whirred. When I managed to get the car towed back I found the whole starter pinion assembly on the starter motor had disappeared. ive replaced the pinion with what I was told was the correct one however when I go to start it, it makes a horrid noise although the flywheel does turn, however, sometimes it does the same thing and whizzes without engaging.
the flywheel from memory last time has 135 teeth and is approx 270-280mm diameter. The pinion gear I got recommended was a 9 tooth. Will attach pictures of everything. since the first incident, it didn’t seem to be engaging properly and when I removed the starter motor the clip and clip holder where missing withthe pinion gear falling off when starter was removed.
Any help would be appreciated. I’m at a stand still.
I have videos but will have to work out how to post them.



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Ford Small blocks require the sandwich plate between engine & bell housing to supply the required location of the starter, If you dont have that the starter will move out of mesh and destry itself in a short time.