Wilwood Engineering 1 piece Iron discs Modified Hub (2012)

New unused Wilwood Engineering 1 piece Iron discs Modified Hub

To fit a Tornado TS40 Kit car specification as follows

Part No - 160 -3846
160 - 3847

Rotor HD Curved, 1.25 X 11.75, 8 X 7.00

BC L/H + R/H 48 Curved Vane

Grooved Discs.with accessories.

Items weigh 40kg in total.

Please contact me [email protected] for further details, open to offers


Brian Kissel

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Thank you.
Hi there, I'll amend the post, but why do you presume I don't own the parts ? the items are not a link to ebay, and are open to offers...

Randy V

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Blakey -

He was merely telling you what all the rules are that apply to this forum.

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Many Thanks

The item is located in the UK ( Hampshire ) and can be posted worldwide.

There unused items and with regards to price im open to reasonable offers.