Parts for a Tornado build

I have just ordered a "starter package" from Tornado have started to investigate other parts needed for the build.

Note: I know Tornado have all the parts needed and that I could buy everything from them - but in Sweden we are not allowed to assemble a kit-car - it has to be amateur built. Meaning I need to find the parts myself and spread the purchases between different suppliers.

So I would be very happy if you can help out with information so the parts fits and suitable for Tornado GT40

  • I intend to have 17" wheels on
  • What front width and ET are standard/suitable for Tornado?
  • What rear width and ET are standard/suitable for Tornado?

  • What should the open & closed length be?
  • Different for front and rear?
  • Assuming 2,25 inches is the right choice

  • What spring rate/poundage to use in front and rear?
  • What length in front and rear?

  • 17" wheels as above, uprights from Tornado (alloy in from, steel at rear).
  • Maybe 6-pot in front and 4-pot at rear
  • Is it Granada Mk2 in front and Mk3 in rear?
  • Do you have any brake kits to recommend?

Any comments, inputs are very welcome - if I have missed any essential background/info - let me know
Joacim, good luck with build.
Sourcing parts on your own is a huge challenge.
If your wallet is big enough, go with Tornado Parts, the build will be easier.
At least you live in the right hemisphere.:thumbsup:
COILOVERS, I went with Viking Shocks 2.5", I've spent a lot of time trying to make them fit. Should have stuck with 2.25" in hind site.
Thanks Deno & Ian for your thoughts and ideas.

As I wrote in the beginning - we are not allowed to buy a kit car to assemble instead we need to find solutions from different vendors.

At 2010 i finished by Westfield Super seven, with SAAB turbo engine, Opel gear box and Ford differential. I Just bought the starter kit from Westfield and since they are based on manufactured cars and their geometry. It is simply too expensive for Westfield, SouthernGT, Tornado etc to invent their own geometries - instead they make use of existing - well designed and available parts.
In the Super Seven community there are much more openness and there are a lot of information what parts that can be fitted.

In GT40 community (I'm still a newbie) it seems to be more secrets, less sharing och such things.I will look forward to contribute with my own findings, experiences and suitable parts when I get so far ;) :D

Until then - beside fixing some boring things on the house och will paint the garage floor and clean it up until the starter kit arrives in Dec-18.

Again, thanks mates for you thoughts and I look forward to more tips ;) :D

Ian Anderson

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Cast Alloy Wheel Photo Gallery | Image Wheels

Wheels, if you are bolt on or using a center spinner, will adjust backspace.
Contact Image and ask them as they have done a number of wheels in 15 and 17 sizes

AP are probably rates as the best, but expect to pay about twice that of Willwood
Or Hispec (both companies have sets available to upgrade Granada brakes both 4 and 6 pot)
For a road going car Granada brakes will suffice. But you will soon change them if you do track days

I have Saab 900 turbo front brakes as rears on my car, Saab used a handbrake on the front wheels so with putting them on the rear the handbrake is on the correct axle.

Get a windscreeen delivered with your car, it will travel safer and if not there are at least 3 screens for GT40 cars that have different curvatures.

S-v-c from my first post also do Lucas lights for front indicators.
And MGB style number plate lights.

CV joints and driveshafts with tornado Renault box and adaptors come from ford Granada, on Granada they are different lengths so you need two sets and throw two away!

With the Renault and DAX adaptors it uses a VW Transporter type 2 cv and drivesshaft

Brake hoses if allowed are branded home made units.

Aircon vintage air or car builder solutions

Radiator, Docking from Silverstone
Radiator fans 2 12 inch puller fans, as high a volume as you can get.

Electric Fuel Pump 100GPH Two of these for a carb fed engine

Co many variations
What else are your looking for specifically?

I am doing a budget build, so spend many hours searching for parts.

ADAPTER PLATE BNC FORD 302 - AUDI O1E/012 (Complete Kit)
CV Shafts Holden Commodore VN VP VQ VR VS - V6 & V8 Engines
Starter Motor CVR CVR5055
Thanks for the information you provides.

# Wheels - I had Image Wheels on my super seven - they are great. Will be a 1st choice for sure. 5 bolts, no center nut.

# Brakes - I have ordered front & rear uprights from Tornado. Does brake kits from Granada fit? Mk2, Mk3 or Mk_? Different ones in front versus rear?

# Windscreen is ordered and will be delivered with the chassis/body :)

# Have bought lights from S-V-C to super seven ;) Also a good supplier. At rear I think Fiat 850 model is right. In front I am not sure - either traditional head lights or modern projector/lenses in a 3D printed housing.

# CV joints - I am aiming for Audi 01E - do you know for similar recipe for that gearbox? ;)

...and so on.
"What else are your looking for specifically?"
You have provided a lot of interesting an good information, thanks!
I will assure more questions will arise when the stuff arrives ;)


Thanks for the info you provided.
I will also try to keep the budget to a reasonable level.

Do you have any links to the stuff you mentioned

ADAPTER PLATE BNC FORD 302 - AUDI O1E/012 (Complete Kit)
CV Shafts Holden Commodore VN VP VQ VR VS - V6 & V8 Engines
Starter Motor CVR CVR5055

I will likely go for Audi 01E gearbox.

Op, you may want to post over in the Gt40 enthusiasts forum as well. There is probably a lot more specific knowledge there as I would suspect those members have/own the majority of Tornados world-wide due to proximity of the factory. Have fun with the build, S

Ian Anderson

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Interresting these Carter fuel pumps, they are way cheaper then the Holley Red pumps I had planned to ( have three cars running Holley Red allready as Facet Blue top failed several times )

Whats their lift capacity?? as Holley Red pumps can't lift and need to be mounted below fuel level.

Paul Walton has then fitted , but got them inside the sill, so around same height as the tank.

And yes their prices are pretty good!