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    Transaxle clarification between 01e 01x etc

    Hey guys. I'm trying to sift through the horrible naming convention that Audi uses on thier parts. I can't tell heads or tails from these numbers and there is a lot of incorrect info out there. I know I need a FWD only version, but there are multiple models of each..Will any fwd 01e work? Are...
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    Scratch Built in need of Transaxle ideas

    Hey there guys and gals, I'm new here (and you'll quickly find out, i'm no mechanical genius). I'm trying to tap into all of your guys' knowledge and experience to help me resolve this. I'm building a Rear-mid engine, RWD, one-off custom car based on the lotus esprit chassis. Engine choice...
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    Mid-Engine Super Car On A Buget

    Thank you for showing interest. I have a tube frame chassis I have built, but I'm trying to figure out how to fit a Toyota 2UR-GSE to a Porsche Cayman 6 speed manual transmission. I know I will need a custom bell housing, clutch, ect. If you know where I might can find a business that can make...
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    Quaife Oil Pump

    Hi: I am in the process of ordering the Quaife transmission for a Superformance GT40MKII that I have under construction. The car has the optional transmission oil cooler, and I am wondering whether anyone has ordered the oil pump from Quaife (which I believe is mechanical) or has used an...
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    Another SLC hits the streets

    After 4 years of building, my SLC just received its license and registration and is now free to roam the streets. I'd like to thank everyone who posted on this forum - it was tremendously valuable during the build. Some of the details for the car include: - License plate backup camera that...
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    Francesco (fra75) gt40 project

    Hello to everyone, excuse my english. I write from the Italian, and following an incident that was not my fault, in which I destroyed the shelby gt 500 of 2011, I decided to give life to the engine building my dream .... the gt 40, this is my gt40 project. I built the chassis to accommodate...
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    RBT question

    Hi all :-). Does a new build RBT transmission have a serial number?
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    01e Transaxle Development

    Hi All, We are a small engineering group that is developing the 01e transmission to be better suited to mid engine applications offering better engine/transmission layout creating lower overall centre of gravity for the car and reliability of Audi gears without the price tag of the more...
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    Porsche transaxle for sale

    Hello I signed up here just to sell off a transaxle that might be of use to you guys. I am new here, but I have plenty of feedback on other forums, Paypal, and Ebay. Everything to authenticate credibility is available. The transaxle is a Porsche G50/01 (short tail housing). It's in...
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    Getrag in my GT40 is not right...what's up? Help

    My friend drove my CAV GT40 70 miles east to my summer home for the winter today with me in the passenger seat. I'm not allowed to drive because of of a cycling accident (a car hit me) until another month but that's another story. Anyway, I kept asking what's the matter as he was having a...
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    FS: New Audi 01X FWD transmission

    Have a 6 speed Audi 01X FWD trans here, thought it was Quattro but got it and it's FWD. This trans is the comparable to the 01E. Thinking $1000 for this would be a fair deal. email me at [email protected] if interested. Thank you