01e Transaxle Development

Hi All,

We are a small engineering group that is developing the 01e transmission to be better suited to mid engine applications offering better engine/transmission layout creating lower overall centre of gravity for the car and reliability of Audi gears without the price tag of the more expensive boxes, such as the Porsche boxes.

We are doing the initial feasibility study for the project and this forum has a wealth of knowledge on this transmission. I am looking for any images or data anybody should have on the box which they would be willing to let me have a copy/see. In particular information about the ring and pinion offset distance.

Further, with so many here using this transmission it would be interesting to know how has it faired? Are there any difficulties you have had with installation or general improvements that could be made to better the GT40 application?

If anyone has any information we would be very grateful. All the best with the builds.

I've got perhaps a hundred 01E's in any number of mid engine cars, and the only issues I've seen are lapse of common sense in some drivers, but even so that number is very small. As far as upgrading and making it stronger I've got several solutions that are limited only by how much the customer wants to spend.
interesting, are you thinking of essentially remaking the housing to run the output shafts above the input?
Would this have the same bellhousing?

While this is almost certainly going to be out of my budget for now, it would be great for me to have the option of an improvement in the future
am running pretty bad driveshaft angles to try and get the drivetrain low enough
Have an 01E for my project so should be able to help with external dimensions
you can pick one up for some £250 by the way, mine came from a 2.5 tdi passat
It would be easier (from a design point) to rotate the 01E gearbox 180 about the input shaft then move the ring gear to the other side of the case. However to do this cost wise would put you in the Porsche G50/G60 price range.