1/8 scale scratch built GT40 Mk1

Hello everyone,
some time after building the 1/8 model of the Gurney Weslake engine seen elsewhere on this forum I finally completed the main car.
It's a fully scratch built curbside model, so nothing opens, the wheels can be turned or steered though. I modeled it using the 1/18 Spark model of Rodriguez' car as reference.
You can see more photos here
1/8 Ford GT40 Mk1 scratch built - Big Boyz - Model Cars Magazine Forum

If anyone who reads this has an idea where to get chassis plans of this car I'd be really, really thankful for a hint. I'd like to build a full model since I already got the engine done too, but I won't build stuff like the suspension without proper plans.

If you like the engine, you can buy a kit that used my model as prototype on Home - Fein Design Modell

Thank you for looking, comments and questions are welcome!

Incredible, I thought it was the real one !

But, may I dare a question ? i thought that the MkI car with the round spotlights instead of square lights and blinkers under the lower front light cover had necessarily a amber blinker light on the side of front fenders. With such a level of details, you surely chose deliberately not to install some...Did the real car you replicate has not those blinker lights ?

See that on chassis 1076 :


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Thank you, everyone, for all the praise! I really appreciate it.
Pierre-Louis: you're absolutely right, I left them off. Actually, there is no real car I replicated, I purely did what I liked best about the GT40 and I thought the sidemarkers wouldn't look good on the sides. But hey, you're the first who asked me about that, I'm always glad to receive well funded criticism!

Does anybody have a hint where I can get those chassis plans? Please help...
Does anybody have a hint where I can get those chassis plans? Please help...
Hum :embarassed:, regarding plans for an original chassis, I'm afraid those drawings are the most highly thought after jewels you can imagine :anxious:, and worth gold litteraly... They are not on the open market, not to speak about free availability on the net...a top secret, jealously kept by the lucky guys who own a set and make their living using them... the Holy Graal, my friend !
(If you come across some copies, save one for me ! :D)
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Wow, that is great. I really want a model of my car but the GMP ones are very hard to come buy and to easy as you just buy it!

Building one would be great but I'm afraid I would use 3D printing in SLA or something as a start as I am not good enough to make it all from scratch.

Well done, that really is a great model. I wish there was a 1/8 resin kit available for these cars.