180 degree header flange question

Can a bundle of snake exhaust system be welded up using the long 4 port header flange? Or do I need to use the separated single flange per tube?

Terry Oxandale

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They can be welded up, but it makes them more difficult to assembly onto the motor. I did this with my set of 180's, but they had slip-on collectors, and there was only one specific way I could put them onto the motor. It can be done. I chose not to use them, not because of that, but because I needed the space immediately behind the engine for a number of components (tank, clutch slave cylinder, etc). They are a little different in that I had to make them flatter so that they fit under the Can Am style bodywork. After I made these, I made a set of 4-to-1 that opened up the middle area behind the motor for all of that stuff.

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Randy V

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My RCR 180 headers had one-piece flanges.... Tricky to lace together like a Chinese Wire Puzzle - but well made..