2019 Formula 1

I would have a minimum driver weight.
or something like a driver COG. Where a driver doesent just get weighed for mass, but has to lie down on a bed, and the head end and feet end get weighed.The aim of this would be to stop small drivers having too much of an advantage.
I guess I'm the dumb one in the room. Thought they were basically running ground-effect floors today.
They run 'flat' bottom cars with a diffuser allowed from the back axle centerline back. The diffuser and the angle of the floor relative to the ground generate the bottom side down force. A better way to say it is that cars are not allowed tunnels or skirts.
The change from 13" to 18"dia wheels is a really big one that barely gets a mention in that vid. F1 has been using high sidewall slick tyres since the early '70s and, cosmetically, they have contributed a lot to how we think an F1 car should look. Formula E cars look strange to me with those rubber band tyres.
Technically this change has a lot of knock effects as a large part of the suspension compliance was in the tyre sidewall, now it will have to be addressed at the chassis side of the suspension at the same time as technical restrictions are applies in that area.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
I agree Colin. I'm wondering what impacts the curbs will have when more sidewall flex (vibration/oscillation) is now transmitted more directly into the suspension components. May promote less use of the curbs, which I like.