2x2 and the GrapVine


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I have crazy luck... sometimes bad, sometimes good. I suppose better than no luck.
Driving over the Grapevine on the 5 Northbound I tried to go around some fellow motorists. As you all know these cars have their own gravity. As in attracting satellite cars hovering with cellphones plastered to windows. Not a complaint! Just an observation.
I shall now begin to complain. For those not familiar, the Grapevine is a mountain portion of Interstate 5 North of LA. It can be a nice drive.... I was trying to lose the nice folks appreciating my ride and slid into the truck lanes to the right side of the freeway. 2 seconds in I knew it was a bad call. Bumpy, uneven pavement and I was, well, over the speed limit. Looking to slip back over I just caught sight of the dark lump sitting on the road. There was no choice and we ate it. A big bang followed by intermittent scraping. Time to pull over.
Now that luck I mentioned... Not good but of all the options, and it seemed time travel was off the table, it could have been worse. Much.
In the end only cosmetic damage and not visible. My friend kindly remove the large trailer hitch shank of 2x2 steel while I quietly wept, on the inside....


Randy V


So sorry to see that... It appears to be a 2.5” to 2” receiver adapter from a heavy duty pickup truck like my 2015 F350 had. If the truck owner pulled out his hitch, but forgot to put the pin back in to retain the adapter - well - the adapter can easily rattle out... Not that this makes you feel any better though...

Ron R.

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Wow. I guess one of the hazards of driving a low-slung car. Maybe someday I'll have the stomach to tell my own story. But not now.


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Almost more stressful than the actual happening is the flood of "what ifs" that rips in like a Matrix download programs... But in the end, and I know this is true of everyone who loves these cars.... Worth it! Thanks for well wished. I am looking forward to crossing paths with other owners in the future.
Looking forward to seeing the "hateful 8" around the neighborhood! Glad that the 2x2 was not any worse. I know what you mean about the attention these cars get. My friend described it like being in a goldfish bowl!
Dang, that's where my trailer hitch adapter went.

Could you pop that in the mail to me? Need it for hauling some old auto parts in an open top trailer filled to the brim.....over some bumpy roadway......


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Ug.... not good.

Reminds me of the time I pulled around to pass a car on the freeway just in time to run over an aluminum ladder laying crosswise in the lane.

Took a while to repair the damage from that one.

Ken M.

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"Holy terrible trail'n trailer hitches Batman, That must have been terrifying!"

glad to see that you are in good shape! That was indeed good luck!