1. 5

    24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend!

    All, Don’t forget the race is this weekend. In the USA we will get flag-to-flag coverage (for the first time ever I think?) on the Velocity network. Race begins at 9 a.m. eastern time. :thumbsup:
  2. Ron Earp

    Will There Be a Paddock on the New GT40s.com?

    Will there? I don't know. If we didn't have a paddock more than a few of you would have a hell of a lot more time on your hands, that's for certain. I'm a bit conflicted if we should continue with the paddock. If we do have a paddock I want it to be password entry only. And, I'd like for it...
  3. Pete

    Happy Birthday.

    Our estimed moderator Keith the Baron Hardy has his birthday today or tomorrow, I get confused by time zones. Anyway Happy Birthday Keith have a good one.:thumbsup:
  4. J


    i'm pretty sure my SPF P2116 needs a new clutch. talked to previous owner and nothing from him. so, i'm asking , is there a standard clutch used in '40s? is there a smaller diameter flywheel used, therefore a smaller dia. clutch for ground clearance? i know how things work on a '32 Ford roadster...
  5. Dans GTD

    Dan's GTD Getting some attention

    I have been working on a GTD that was passed down to me from my dad. The car sat in his garage for about 15 years. My dad having a collection of classic Fords let this one get left behind because of frustration of the car not going into reverse and some electrical issues. I took possession of...
  6. E

    Finally seen the ghost

    This car has been a part of local legend for many years. The owner is just a few miles down the road but this is my first time seeing it.
  7. A

    GTD brake upgrades

    Hi, I own the very first GTD. I see various discussions about brake upgrades within 15" rims but can anyone tell me what GTD used over time on the original hubs/uprights supplied? What are the original (tiny) brakes on my car? Escort? Many people go to Willwood but I am sure even the regular...
  8. S

    Research phase of SL-C build- New user

    Hello everyone! I joined a month ago and was looking for some insight. I am researching a strange and custom build for track use only. I have a few ideas in mind, and wanted to see If I can cancel some of them out with some of the vast experience here on the forum. I will start out with I am...
  9. J

    Canada/NZ TVR

    Thought some of you older members might enjoy an Up Date pic of the TVR, It has been running in Classic series for over 15 years now, 13 of those on the same engine & just finished this season with 8 wins I think. In that time its managed to fail a roller lifter ( due to error in setting valve...
  10. L

    Long time guest

    Long time guest, first time poster. I’ve always been into the GTs and always figured they were just another car I’d never be able to own. I’ve researched replicas before and felt that they were always a hodgepodge if a Fiero with a body kit. That was until I came across this site and all of you...
  11. L

    Hi all from another Newb

    Hi all. I found this site years ago while searching for any examples of a build I have long fantasized about (a mid engine 1966 Mustang Fastback.) I found several articles and even some actual documented builds online, already. Even this one where FORD made one as a prototype...
  12. R

    posting issues

    Hi there, why do my posts go straight to the forum rather than posted for reading / comments. It does not appear to make any difference as to the time I post. Regards Russell
  13. J

    Regards from Holland

    Hi all, I am JP, 47 years old and just bought a KVA project. Doing Ford Capri's for years ( resto, modification & tuning ) and owning 8 of them ( and some more Ford stuff). I am a part time truck driver and the other time I work in my own shop. My wife always wanted a GT40 and we where...
  14. S

    Superformance GT-40 Mk.II P2221 ***SOLD***

    Well guys, I'm sad to say it's time for my baby to find a new home. Health/finance reasons force me to sell the car as I can't drive it anymore. So here's the deal: The Good Chassis: Superformance GT-40 Mk.II, chassis P2221, in Viper grey metallic with Mercedes bright silver stripes. I...
  15. Callaghan

    2x2 and the GrapVine

    I have crazy luck... sometimes bad, sometimes good. I suppose better than no luck. Driving over the Grapevine on the 5 Northbound I tried to go around some fellow motorists. As you all know these cars have their own gravity. As in attracting satellite cars hovering with cellphones plastered to...
  16. 5

    What happened to the SPF forum???

    Just noticed the SPF forum is gone??? What possible reason could there be for destroying such a valuable resource? For SPF owners (and wannabes like me) it is the principle reason this site even exists--and the principle reason we choose to support it with cash contributions from time to time...
  17. K

    Is gt40's.com important to you?

    Hey guys, the site has reached a kind of impasse in that it needs some cash and time input because stuff is broken and won't get fixed. Ron has told me it needs circa $2,000 to fix it and he has neither the cash or the time to do it. (He has a high power job that takes much of his time at the...
  18. C

    Logging in to the site

    Hi. For the last few weeks I've had to put in my user name and password in every time I visit the site. I tick the 'remember me' box every time. Just wondering if this is a change to the site, or whether it's just me?
  19. C

    Chicago area SLCs?

    I'm in town visiting this week and thought I'd ping the community to see if there are any builders in the area. If you've got a car and some time I'd love to drop by for a few! Shoot me a PM!
  20. J

    Original flywheel and waterpump?

    I once got drawings of original 289" flywheel (2/3 -plate clutch) from some kind person here. However, seems I lost drawings some time ago due broken PC. Search function didn`t give any real results. Ideas where to get; time to make one very soon :embarassed: Waterpump; which type pump...