1. D

    Project GTX

    Does anyone know what is going on with project GTX , did they finish the build.The car looked very good to me , well thought out and built.
  2. weisserheilbronn

    Source for UNC bolts / hardware in Europe / Germany?

    Hello European builders, Can you tell me where you buy your UNC bolts / hardware? Availabilty of UNC bolts in Germany with desired dimension, proper grade and good plating is poor - after I found the right one it was 2€ /piece.... Naturally I don't need huge quantities... for metric...
  3. R

    Purple GT40s

    Has anyone got any photos of purple GT40s or a suggestion for a purple that would look good on one? Ryan
  4. lobelsteve

    LS7 coolant expansion tank?

    GT-R build thread in other forum. Need an expansion tank and want to fit the needs of the car. Attached PDF of diagram that I think is correct. LS7, Superlight radiator, Superlight Vintage Air unit, Heater valve for LS7 ordered from Chevs of the 40s: OAP50-1555. Factory tank with no...
  5. M


    I am trying to contact Kress motorsport but struggling,I know Fran has been unwell and if anyone has info that would be helpful I am looking for good quality steering wheel emblem Regards mark
  6. M

    Daytona 24

    Anyone at Daytona for the 24 hour race? I am in the infield roaming Should be a good race
  7. J

    Regards from Holland

    Hi all, I am JP, 47 years old and just bought a KVA project. Doing Ford Capri's for years ( resto, modification & tuning ) and owning 8 of them ( and some more Ford stuff). I am a part time truck driver and the other time I work in my own shop. My wife always wanted a GT40 and we where...
  8. 9

    Swop two for one ......

    I require a Hewland LG 500 (4 or 5 gear) gearbox and have a Porsche G50 and ZF 5-25 gearbox in good order plus £s .. to swop for a reasonable condition one. Any one out there with one gathering dust please?
  9. Callaghan

    2x2 and the GrapVine

    I have crazy luck... sometimes bad, sometimes good. I suppose better than no luck. Driving over the Grapevine on the 5 Northbound I tried to go around some fellow motorists. As you all know these cars have their own gravity. As in attracting satellite cars hovering with cellphones plastered to...
  10. M

    Wiring Connectors - Need Recommentation

    Hello, I did a few searches and looking at some posts, found different recommendations (WeatherPack, Allied, Tyco, Deutsch). Many of the posts were a few years back and suffered from broken links and/or the picture hosting problem. I am going to start some wiring, and would like to have a...
  11. IanAnderson

    This Site

    Good evening everyone I am a regular on this site and likewise a member of this club, joining way back in 2003 to 2004 We have over the years managed to make some reasonable funds and I would propose that we ask our committee to arrange to fund this website to the amount required to get rid...
  12. Fivepointseven

    Exhaust manifold

    Hi, I am looking for a exhaust system for my GT40 in stainless steel. Does someone has a good source in Europe? Thanks, Udo
  13. M

    Sound Insulation

    I have seen several posts about stick on sound insulation but haven't seen any on spray on. I have used Lizard Skin in the past for both sound and heat insulation with good results. Has anyone used this on an SL-C and were there any issues?
  14. C

    Stainless mig welding a custom exhaust system

    Just wondering if I should tackle welding up a custom stainless exhaust system (downstream of the 4-into-1 manifold and collector) for my bastardized Lotus Esprit project (with a SBF). I'm a decent mig welder with mild steel - good penetration, strong welds, not the prettiest looking welds...
  15. J

    Thats strange ...

    Hi all . my 40 is almost complete now . been doing final testing of stuff as you do ... Just making sure all is good .... ready for IVA all has been good engine starting and running up nice ..... all lighting good .... body catches ..... fans ... BUT to day I was in the garage...
  16. Pete

    Happy Independence Day

    To all my American friends happy Independence Day have a good one.
  17. R

    Bearing puller

    Think I need one of these. I need to get some rear wheel hubs and drive flanges. Currently don’t have one of these and I’m thinking that something like this would be a good addition to the tool box. This one is probably just a common import item, are these normally ok? Any recommendations...
  18. Howard Jones

    Considering MSR membership

    I am thinking about a membership at Motorsports Ranch Huston. It is a three hour tow for me so that's not really that far. Cost is $275 month after initial 1 time membership fee. That would be sort of inline with what I have spend on 6 weekends a year in Northern Calif. There is no daily usage...
  19. T

    Gt 40 looking good!

    Old School Ford GT40 DESTROYS a Hellcat…Hell Yeah! - YouTube
  20. I

    495HP or 505HP?

    EDIT: 525HP, not 505HP I've done a good bit of research, but I'm having a heck of a time deciding which package to go with. There's $150 price difference between the 2 with the main difference being the cams. I've been leaning towards the 495HP due to the milder cam and being easier to drive...