66 Le Mans Colors?

Chris Kouba

Was trying to identify paint codes for the 1966 entries and put this list together, but still have a couple of questions:

1-1015 - Arcadian Blue
2-1046 - Raven Black
3-1047 - Signal Flare Red

4-1032 - Emberglo
5-1016 - Anniversary Gold
6-1031 - Nightmist Blue

7 - XGT-2 - Silver Frost
8 - XGT-1 - Yellow but not a Mustang color- possibly Belgian Yellow?

The #1 had dark blue outlines to the white stripes.
The #2 had plain silver stripes.
Numbers 3 and 6 both had plain white stripes.
Numbers 4 and 5 had no stripes.
Numbers 7 and 8 had plain black stripes, with a completely blacked out nose on #7.

Can anyone confirm the actual paint code for XGT-1? Is it Belgian Yellow?
Is the paint on any of the H&M cars actually metallic?

Ill suppose, it was a single pack metallic or one stage metallic back in the days without clear as most where in the 60s & seventies.
Ford reintroduced Anniversary Gold in '78 on their Lincoln mkV Jubilee editions. Calling it Jubilee gold color code 66.
I had a car from the mid-sixties with a "gold" roof that was probably bronze. It definitely didn't have a clear coat on top.

Chris Kouba

I have been around and through the internet trying to confirm and have gotten no closer to a definitive answer. Can anyone confirm which/if the Holman Moody cars are actually metallic? Also curious about if the Silver Frost paint on the #7 was metallic. Can anyone chime in?


Mortified GT
P1016 is metallic
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I suspect XGT-1 and a couple of J cars are painted 196? Mustang Shelby GT500KR special yellow wt6066 , Ditzler PPG 81639 , Dupont 24934 , Sherwin Williams 2264. Id investigate Shelby mustang colors.


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