917 on Vimeo, Deutch spoken, no English

HI Jennifer

As Thierry mentionned, there where in the picture Driver, Engineers and Teamboss talking about the 917.

The Engineer told, that they just had 9 month to bring the car to the homologation in April 1970, so they started in August 1969 with the developement of the car.

One of those guys also explained, that the 917 will have the "overall time" record in total lapping distance of 5580kms in Le Mans. This shouldn't be possible to beat due to the chicane they have put in on the Mulsanne-Straight (I guess in the 80s).

For me too, the 917 is one of the greatest sportcars ever made.

Regards Marcel.
Marcel, if i can correct your words....
I'm an ACO member and i've received some mail yesterday:

in 1971, the 917 driven by Marko/Van Lennep set 5335,313km record (the track was shorter and there were no chicane on mulsanne straight.

in 2010, the Audi R15 with Dumas, Rockenfeller, Bernard has established a new record : 5410,713km

H.Pescarollo had estimate the audi to 850bhp... with an enormous torque
if you add the ground effect, carbon/carbon brakes, and all electronics helps.... you got it.
porsche-917.de text in German
Google Translate:results in.....
Few racing cars of the past 40 years has so much enthusiasm
on the scene called the Porsche 917 K.
The reason for this not least is the great success he's house
Porsche has brought, even though esa no t the beginning looked like.
Quite the contrary, the driver refused this car
to drive, called him and took him for the ulcer impassable.
All this meant that diefür that time in the
Development invested almost amounts to the ruin of the sports car
led manufacturer.

In effect, the 917 still in an era of success
Racing for Porsche founded, although especially the 917 K and
LH as later the 917/10 and / 30 only a very short but
brought this very successful race car of life.
then click on "DVD" in the bar above...
Google Translate
It produced a DVD, the content of which after 40 years of remarkable enthusiasm for the 917 is.

We have made many recordings of the 917 and talked to many people. Fans, Porsche-men, drivers, race director, we have been in Daytona and have filmed and we have Kurt Ahrens, Hans Herrmann and others talked exclusively for this DVD.

Remarkable driving shots were created and we believe the phenomenon to be a little closer.

If you want to get one of the first DVDs, you can have a contact email noncommittal about the reservation list for a DVD.
As soon as the completion date and price are known, we will contact you and you have the opportunity to make a binding order.
So there you have it....There is aparently a DVD in the works...I will investigate further and see if I can get on the reservation list....
Cheers, Jennifer