A few pix from Pebble

Hi all,

Just wanted to say Pebble Beach was superb.
I got to meet Jim Glickenhaus and his son,
and had a brief word with Roy Snook and
Chris Melia. Wish I could have stayed longer,
but I had to beat the traffic!

I'd attach some pix, but they are all about
250K. Anyone want to post them from a remote
site for me?

Hi Jim
it was nice to meet you and your family, you are a true enthusiast.
I am just getting over the jet lag and sore eyes but must say that Roy and I really enjoyed our trip and meeting all the US GT40 forum guys.



No 14 is a Mirage version - supposed to be a
little more aerodynamic. It didn't work for
some reason, so many were converted back into
Mk Ibs.

And another of 1076.

Let me know if these are too big. They have been
shrunk to ~75K. I have these and others in the
original format of ~200K. Those who have asked,
I will send them this weekend (I hope).



Rick Muck- Mark IV

GT40s Sponsor
I have never been to Pebble but have been told that one's "fashion" is as important as the cars.....

My, my doesn't J6 look dapper!!!!!!!!!!

I really think Reese Whitherspoon could walk naked through this group and we would complain that she is blocking the view of the cars....

Rick /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
I have never been to Pebble Beach for the car show either (been there quite few times otherwise).

Is viewing open to the public, or are the spectators also by invitation only?