1. titleatty

    FS USA 351W Engine Fresh Build 4/21

    Just finished- 351W Engine (April 2021). 0 miles never installed. Ford Racing Block - New with all new components See attached Build sheet and Invoice for $14k for just the short block and labor. 10.9:1 compression Engine comes with these used parts installed-reconditioned Edelbrock Victor...
  2. Big-Foot

    FS USA Stewart Warner SW-240A fuel pumps and parts ((SOLD))

    I’m in the process of consolidating my shop to get ready for a cross-country move. Many things need to find suitable homes. Offered here is a collection of various SW240a fuel pumps, gaskets and assorted parts.. There are eight pumps in total. All have some external corrosion to varying...
  3. Big-Foot

    FS USA Holman Moody oil filter - cooler adapter - SOLD

    I'm in the process of consolidating my shop to get ready for a cross-country move. Many things need to find suitable homes. Offered here is a Holman Moody Oil Filter and cooler adapter. It was sold to me as having been on a GT40 circa 1966. I have no papers of authenticity, so you be the judge...
  4. C

    Cobra: Fresh FI BB (521ci), TKO600, Hardtop, Pin-Drives

    This is a small project for anyone looking for a 700 hp, well built, missile of a car! The engine (pump gas) is a forged FI 521 ci with Kaase ported SCJ heads and is coupled to a TKO600 trans (with a dual-disc clutch). The front suspension are tubular A-arms (with coil-overs both front and...
  5. Z

    Newbie from Maine

    Hello. I'm new to this. I've been a Jaguar person all my life - still am - but I lived in France in 1965 when Ford kicked Ferrari's ass at Le Mans and fell in love with the achingly beautiful lines of the car. Now retired, I'm torn between a Cobra, a Le Mans Cobra or a GT40. Now: before I get...
  6. B

    A Scary Photo

    After driving 55 miles, I found this when I lifted the tail.
  7. wolodymyr

    Pics from Rest and Be Thankful 2017

    Some great pictures from this years Classic Car Tours event at the Rest! Rest and Be Thankful 2017 Check out the polished alu Cobra! Dave
  8. M

    Original GT40 Mk II Heads?

    Had oil blowing out the valve cover gaskets on my Contemporary Cobra on to #5 and #1 plugs. So, I decided to clean the mess up, and replaced the valve cover gaskets on both sides. I had been told by the person who sold me the Cobra that his father, a racer, had bought the motor (have receipt)...
  9. D


    Does anybody know the length of a GTD40 and the AC Cobra? It's only for a discussion on another place. Dave
  10. C

    Cobra/GT40 wheels

    Full set of five Cobra ll made in USA 6 pin drive wheels for csx/kirkham cobra or GT40. Polished rims with rough centre look. No tires. 7.5 x 15, and 9.5 x 15. One front wheel with polished rim and painted grey centre. Fitted with new Goodyear Eagle Billboard tire. 7.5 x 15 wheel. 26.5 x 8 x...
  11. F

    NEW Cobra 427 SC Magnesium Wheels

    NEW Cobra 427 SC Magnesium Wheels say it all! 7.5 x 15 or 9.5 x 15 $1500.00 each Ship from Pittsburgh, PA USA Call Fran 412-441-5750 if interested (no e-mails please)
  12. F

    FIA Kirkham Cobra bare AL FOR SALE

    FIA Kirkham Cobra. 351/427 engine. 5 speed Tremec Transmission. Stainless Steel Chassis. Dropped Drivers Floor (tall people can drive this cobra). 6.5" wide front wheels, 8.5" wide rear wheels. Avon Tyres. Low mileage. $120,000.00. More photos here: Kirkham Cobra Photos by bullet45acp |...
  13. P

    GT40 Enthusiasts Track Day at Donington

    I'm a member of both the GT40 Enthusiasts Club and The 289 Register. With my 427 Cobra, I took part in The Historic Ford V8 Fesatival at Donington Park on April 25, 2011. It was a fantastic day in every respect! Here's a short clip: YouTube - Shelby Cobras and GT40s at Donington
  14. S


    FREE FREIGHT on everything on our website for members only from now thru Dec. 31, 2009. Includes UPS and truck freight items as well. Check out our Ford Performance Engines page for some really rare goodies for your project and our Accessory page for that Ford GT and GT40 gift for that...