a (small) light in the night: it is possible to road plate a gt40 in Italy..

YouTube - Ford GT40 Original in Rome

obviously I dont think thats an original (wrong driving side for an mk.1,werent the only ones with that side driving mk3s?).

This is probably an american car.

There is any way to recognize the manifacturer of a car just looking the body from outside it?.
All the bodies seems identical, and I really still dunno how to recognize differences between a cav, a gtd and so on from outside.

This short video is anyway a TOO big hope here, cause it means all my theories are right, and this unknown owner road plated an american car(maybe an Era?...the look is very nice),that are probably the hardest to convert here, cause not EU origin.

According from what I know, still no RCRs are here (the southest one shall be Tom's too nice masterpiece in Germany,still not finished).

The codes DJ 937 EL means the car was titled here in 2007, cause 2008 cars have letter just a little following to this.
I dont think this is the Kva for sale in Rome some months ago (at the price of a new spf..)

Any comments about?
Certainly not an ERA, possibly GTD or Tornado. Amongst other things a few give aways would be the flat door handles, the flange left on the radiator intake in the front clip, The styling line that runs through the top of the door on to the rear clip, the interior door release handle and the shallow hatch openings.

Not having seen a new CAV close up (ony at GTD factory many years ago), I can not tell them from GTD via pictures.