Aaron's SL-C build...

McLaren 620R roof scoop is another one worth looking at...I'm not suggesting that you need to change yours, just saw a review of this car and noticed the scoop.


Howard Jones

Aaron. Could you do a snorkel extension from the hole in the thing you have made down to the edge of the windshield? Kinda like the Mclaren above but not as wide. Maybe about the same overall width and height as the insert. I would be in the market for that piece.
Love the dive planes Aaron, well done.
Thank you.. Those are a bit of work to create but achieved the look that I wanted. The mounting brackets are inside the nose cone thus there are no external fasteners. They are very secure and won't fall off for sure... Watch out for your ankles... I made them from carbon sandwiched to 4mm core mat.
Rear lighting check was last night. I'm remaking my fuel filler neck this evening. Radiator ducts are in process as well. License plates next week :cool: