Aaron's SL-C build...

I still dig the split spoiler, enough that I actually bought a replacement spoiler for my daily, the Camaro. Just looks more at home on the SLC than the Camaro. Keep up the progress when you feel up to it!
She is looking incredible with the doors open. The side view mirrors are dope, she is going to be a stunner when she gets the final touches.

Howard Jones

That's exactly what I'm talking about! Perfect inlet ducting. My advice would be to make an exit duct in the same manner and not simply rely on the radiator exit airflow to find its way out of the nose via the exit hole in front of the windshield. On my car, a simple "ramp" didn't work. There was too much turbulence created in the nose and all it did was heat everything up nicely. The duct I made didn't require any heat insulation in the nose. That may have been because it is made from fiberglass.

You did a good job on the inlet. One more to go!


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